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starter scopes on test


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Hi CAz, I am in the same boat, not been able to use my scope since I got it. Weather here in Penzance has been atrocious for viewing. I have only got the humble Skylux but I still cant wait to use. A nice view of the Moon would be something.

Been spending the time reading, managed to get the book " New Astronomer" by C. Stott. Some onthis forum, I think, recommended it, may even have been yourself. Its a great little book for a novice.


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Hi Pete,

Part of my choice of  scope was down to S@N, it was mentioned as a good starter scope, then the guys on here more or less said the same thing.... :lol:  Very happy with it to, when I get to use it of course.... :lol: 

Caz, do you know if there is a goto system available for your mount, or other Skywatcher mounts than the EQ6?

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