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  1. OK I am no expert and this is only my humble opinion.A couple of years ago I bought the Bresser Skylux from Lidl for £50. Bought the bins too.Poor weather has always seemed to be the major problem when I want to observe. However this cheap scope has provided much fun and enjoyment. Great views of the moon and some of the planets. I could see a little banding on Jupiter but not much.Its been fine on double stars and clusters. For the money I think its great value and not a "junk" scope by any means. When funds permit I would like to upgrade to a larger refractor--is there a bias in favour of re
  2. As I find it difficult to hold my 10x50s steadyfor any more than a couple of minutes Iam considering buying a tripod. The ones I have looked at ( camera tripods)are not that tall and it would still be difficult to get you eye in the right position, if you know what I mean. OK with my scope I look " down" into the diagonal but this is not the case with bins. Hope this isnt a daft question, perhaps I am missing someting here but I cant see much advantage in buying a tripod. Any comments, Pete
  3. Just curious. Not that I am thinking about buying one (!!), but I have never seen advertised a refractor larger than 6in. Are they available?Bearing in mind the advantages over a reflector, i.e. crisp images, no collimation etc thought they might be ideal for some amateur astronomers. Guess the cost would be prohibitive? Peter
  4. Over the years I have enjoyed a lot of books on astronomy.However the last 2 I picked up were both a great read, both by PM Astronomy with a budget telescope( my scope is very budget!!) and Mars. This is one of the best books on the subject I have ever read. For your info.I have just bought a couple of astro.paperbacks in "The Works." They were 2 for a fiver!Always worth checking this shop out. Regards to all , Pete
  5. Just curious, whats the advantage in buying from Germany when there are excellent dealers in the UK? Peter
  6. HI. IAN, hope you get clear skies in Penzance. I live there and conditions have been poor of late. Still, heres hoping.... Pete
  7. Not sure if all stores will have them. Best for you to check though as they sell out very quickly. Pete
  8. Just in case anyone is interested LIdl are selling the 10x50 bins at £9.99 again soon Pete
  9. Congratulations on your image of Saturn. For a 50mm scope that is wonderfull. Well done. Shows you dont need expensive gear to enjoy astronomy. Cant wait for a clear night to turn my Skylux on Saturn!! Pete
  10. Yep its probably me but please be patient!! I own a BresserSkylux. Seems daft but I have just noticed this. The long flexible shaft is secured in position by a screw. This screw is restricted in its movement by the "plastic end bit" of another screw just above it. Likewise this other screw will not move as it is right up against part of the mount. To sum up, A, cant fully turn the flexible shaft and B cannot turn the other screw which is right above it. Any help appreciated, Pete
  11. I hope the " upset" that seems apparent in this thread doesnt stifle debate on the forum. It makes life interesting!! Just to add my humble opinion. I have been to the USA a couple of times and from what I saw just about everything( not just astro gear) seems cheaper over there. I know this depends on the exchange rate.E.G. petrol, food, cigs, motels, clothes, cds etc etc were all much cheaper. This could be due to the fact that the USA market is about 250 million compared to the UK at 50 million. Im sure that there are other factors as well. After sales service is essential. I have just chang
  12. Agree with all your comments. I have just made my first ever complaint to the BBC. The more of us that complain the better the chance of something being done about it. Hopefully people on the other astro. sites will also complain. Pete
  13. Whats an " achromatic reflector" ? Surely they mean " refractor"? Pete
  14. On wed. last I had a very quick glimpse of , I think, a crescent shape object, yellowish in colour. It was towards the West and appeared to drift from my left to the right. This was in the evening. By the time I called my son to have a look it had gone. Like you I wondered what it was. Pete
  15. Had 2 books from my wife both by Patrick Moore. Astronomy with a budget telescope. ( guess my Skylux is very budget!!!) and Atlas of the Universe. Here in Cornwall the weather is hopeless so its nice that I have plenty to read. Pete
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