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Just when you thought you were safe.....

Guest telescope4u

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Guest telescope4u

I thought I'd post a sobering thought for the new year.

What are the chances of an asteroid destroying the Earth? Well, not that great actually, 2mil to 1.

What are the chances of a comet destroying the Earth? Well, this is more difficult to predict, as comets don't tend to have a preset orbit, which asteroid's (undisturbed) do. The Odds are around 3Mil to 1, but could be as little as 100,000 to 1. We just don't know. The good news is, if a comet big enough to destroy the earth does hit, then we won't know much about it.

The strange thing is that the odds of being killed by an asteroid is only 25000 to 1, considering you have around a 10mil chance of winning the lottery (if you do it) they are quite good odds (or bad odds if you see my drift).

Anyway here is a diagram of asteroid's (no comets), that could threaten life on earth.

The red and yellow dot's are the threat


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