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  1. Unfortunately the wooden tripod and head disappeared after I let a relative use it a couple of years ago. Would have been nice to have it with the scope as my wife bought me it one Christmas. I'll always remember the massive wooden crate it came in when I picked it up at the shop. I needed to borrow a van as it wouldn't go in the boot of the car at the time.
  2. I dug this out, it's nice to still have it
  3. Mines 0331, it hadnt occured to before seeing this thread the age relative to the number.
  4. I'll be tieing the pole to the Velbon head, and using another head to connect the binos too.
  5. Thanks for that. That's such a simple solution, I love it. I might try similar and use the Velbon tripod, as I still want a new tripod that goes to 7 feet in height to put my binos on when standing.
  6. How did you attatch the pole to the tripod head? As I had thought about that sort of answer, but didn't want to try making something out of wood. My new monopod is a very strong hefty thing so would work if I could attatch it to my Velbon head, which is a very sturdy metal tilt head .
  7. Thanks guys, I'm still in the deciding stage, as I'll also be using it for my Helios 80 scope as the tripod I have is a very old Velbon VE3 which has a lot of drift when tightening up and is showing its age now. Something that's tall enough for the binos and scope, possibly even my camera the odd time, and grab and go ish. I'm not worried about a little heavier than light tripods. But that cross bar option as an extra use for The binos crossed my mind if it was up to it. If something like this does as I want, it would be a light and easily mobile option instead of going for the monster parallelogram mount which would be limiting as far as easily mobile is concerned, and would save a lot of money too.
  8. I found a thread on here talking about these from years ago as they extend to 7 feet tall which is ideal. But when I was looking at them on their site I noticed the centre post comes out and cameras can be attatched that way too. I think you might know where I'm going with this? Would a set of 20x80's be usable on this cross post with a counter weight of some sort on the other end? If the tripod was set very low and the binoculars were mounted on the cross post they could be used from a reclining chair possibly? Just a thought, but what do you think?
  9. Thanks to you showing us what to do Iv just cleaned mine too. On close inspection in the front of the scope I noticed what appeared to be water type marks which I first thought was mould, as mine too had been stored in a damp place for years. After removing the lens I thought I'd clean the outer of the lens as it was the internal side that needed cleaning. Once this was done I carefully looked at the lens without splitting them and found the two surfaces sealed together we're still clean and clear, so I decided to not split them to clean as it wasn't needed. Thanks to your help and because I didn't need to split the lens I had it done and back together in no time. That night I looked at the moon , as I have been doing a lot recently, and found a brighter more crisp view or so it seemed to me. I had thought about getting a new scope before doing this, but once I had relooked through my Tal 100R with cleaned optics I changed my mind. It feels like I already have a new scope and it's still performing very well as it always did twenty years ago when I recieved it as a Christmas present from my wife. Many thanks nightfisher for posting this how to, you saved me a lot of money on a new scope and also saved my Tal100R from becoming relegated to collecting dust in favour of another scope. Which would have been a terrible mistake on my part.
  10. Thanks Ruud, that's a very helpful reply though I was looking at something up to £200, though that is negotiable. Dark Vader thanks very much too, I don't know why I didn't think about opticron as I have their 20x80 Oregon binoculars and I'm very impressed with them.
  11. Iv had my Bushnel 8x42's for a lot of years now and have decided to upgrade and get some new ones. Bird and nature stuff and even looking up too, but because there are so many to choose from i thought I'd ask for your help to decide which ones to go for. Up to 10x50 ish as my new monopod will help steady the views Thanks guys
  12. I was pleasantly surprised how good the head was for such a nice price.
  13. And what a nice surprise, the 20x80's fit fine and feel very easy to walk around with.
  14. Just been out looking around and I'm very happy with it.
  15. It weighs 2.5 lb's, though it doesn't feel like it with such a good sized grip.
  16. It can also be used as a walking stick, though walking staff is maybe a better description if it's the height I need it. The price was £69 and I'd say worth every penny of it.
  17. My bird watching binoculars are Bushnell roof prism Nature View 8x42 which iv had a long time and the views are still crisp even for astronomy use. My newest binoculars are the Opticron Oregon 20x80 which I got just for astronomy and am very impressed with the image through them. I grab my 8x42 to scan the skies then use the 20x80 to have a better look at something. If I really want to get a look I'll get my Tal 100 R out.
  18. For years iv had a couple of camera monopods and even used them for my Bushnell binoculars that iv had for years. But they always fall short on the height they extend to for the binoculars. So began my search for taller monopods. Recently I came across a Punk Trent monopod from 3 Legged Thing. This thing extends to 80 inches and has a weight load of 60lb's. So I ordered it straight away and it arrived this morning. First impressions were wow, this is a solid well built bit of kit. A small handy carabina tool was also included as the foot at the end can be changed for different heads if you want. The rubber boot end already on it will do me though. The twist adjustments on the extensions is good, firm and easy to do which also felt strong and secure. Adjusting the height straight away, as this was my main reason for getting this, was a breeze. And I have as much height as I could ever want or need. With a ball head on top i mounted my 8x40 binoculars and gave them a try. Well I was very happy with the amount of movement this gets rid of while trying to hold binoculars steady with just my hands. The image even seemed sharper due to this rock steady monopod. To say I'm chuffed to bits with it is an understatement, and would recommend this to anyone wanting more height with a monopod. It's load capacity of 60lb's makes me think I might even try my opticron 20x80's on this while waiting for the parallelogram mount. Can't wait for tonight to scan the skies with it now.
  19. After thinking and talking about it with the boss er wife, iv decided I'm going to get the monster parallelogram binocular mount, when it becomes available that is. This will do everything I want with my opticron 20x80' and will even take my smaller 80 mil scope if i want to go higher with the mag. Thanks for all the help guys.
  20. Will do, I'm still in the umming and ahhing stage though, but I'm getting closer to making a choice
  21. Thanks for that Scoobs, that makes it clearer for me.
  22. Iv been looking at the farpoint p mount too, what's your thoughts on those guys? And would they just screw onto my tripod in the pic?
  23. Thanks for that Scoobs. Have you got some pics. Looking at the bino mount on the parallelogram I was thinking if it could be bent to attatch to the binoculars mount post? I'm thinking of getting the tripod with it to keep it simple. And where does that plate attatch, that's for sale as an extra with the p mount, to attatch the binocular pillar mount to? Sorry about all the questions, I'm just trying to see it in my mind before ordering it.
  24. I have some Bushnell nature view 8x40 that iv had for years. In fact I think mine are discontinued now. But even with 8x the image bounces about in the view when looking up. So unless your going to use a tripod the 10x will be worse i think. Iv found the quality great and they focus to a sharp image what ever i use them for terrestrial or astronomy. So my recommendation for carry alls would be 8x40.
  25. I was looking at the Paragon mount as it's half the price of the giant one. But I was sceptical with reading it didn't have the same movement at the binocular mount. How have you found it Scoobs? And mine need to connect with the bar on the centre tube of the binos and not the front hinge, which put me off too. I'm also wondering if the Paragon mount without tripod can attatch to my eq3 tripod legs.?
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