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  1. Hi guys, iv been away for quite a while and have got my stuff out of storage to dust it off( and boy does it need a dust) disappointingly the controller has disappeared and I could only find the power pack, so using the clockwork tracking is out. Will the manual turning nobs be up to the task? As I'll no doubt be doing a lot of twisting of those nobs, and don't want them to fall apart or break with overuse? I must say it's been great going through my things and remembering what I had, and I can't wait for a clear sky.
  2. Yep I'll keep checking that site, it's been a while since iv had a chance to do anything sky wise and I'm just finding the time to check it out a bit.
  3. I don't have an horizon but the tops of the buildings in the distance of my town. It's not too bad considering.
  4. Not familiar with the numbers, I'm guessing the higher the number the better? And 6 is needed to maybe see it from teeside?
  5. I'm off work for a few days so will take advantage of the late nights, I'll dig my binos out too I think?
  6. Hi AM I'm up for a little bit yet just in case, the sky isn't bad at all at the moment?
  7. Hi everyone, I was hoping for a glimpse ? But a neighbors security light is making it unlikely.
  8. No dont resist, I highly recommend. Mine is the origional from years ago, and it gave me my best ever view of Jupiter and saturn. I cant wait for a good night now, itching to look through it again.
  9. Now thats what you call a hobby room. Also I like Brian cox and his easy to understand way, looking forward to his second live series in January
  10. Iv still got my 100Tal R, been dusting it off. Just need a clear night now.
  11. Thanks everyone its good to be here.
  12. Thanks all, Iv just been rummaging through my eye piece box and came across two sorts of cam mounts for a normal digicam. Its been so long I forgot I had them, looks like I have my first challenge when I get set up.
  13. Thanks guys, Im enjoying looking through the site and reading threads now.
  14. Hello all, its been a long time since I was here, but Im hoping to get some looking up done this winter. Thought Id say hi as it seems better than just appearing on a thread out of the blue. Anyway I hope I will soon be posting of my looking up trials and tribulations, and reading about yours too, clear skies all
  15. Hi suttonguitar, i think there are a few factors that could have effected your views,one and possibly the worse one is the seeing,if the sky is not good for seeing even the biggest scopes can dissapoint,also is your mount and tripod rock solid,as the slightest movemoent can cause a bad view,i also wonder if possibly you might have been dissapointed becouse you may have hoped for more??the bigger the scope the more you can see but it still isnt what some might expect unless you take pictures with long exsposures and stack a lot of pics in special programmes,i have a 4 inch and im very happy with my views,as a last thought ,? is your equipment faulty in some way? im not very knowledgable on this subject but it might be worth getting your scope and eyepieces looked at by someone who knows,just to make sure alls well with them, then you could try again on a clear night . col
  16. Looks like a great star party there wh,those pics certainly give a taste of the atmosphere,i havnt been camping in years,used to love it,got me wanting a new tent now col
  17. col

    Radio Ga Ga

    i seem to remember an article on that T4u, not sure where i saw it, but someone built one in his back garden, might have been astro now some time ago, if i remember right ,it worked well, and you dont need to go BIG to get results, ill look see if i can find it
  18. thank s james , great link, in my faves now :thumbleft:
  19. wow that is veeery cool, Funnily enough i recently printed out the times iss passes for four days i think it was,starting on the 27th of feb,it was for a neighbour.i got it from heavens above, great site too. Did i say? WOW what an image,
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