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Sketch: Messier 8


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On the first observing evening on La Palma the effect of the Sahara dust in the upper atmosphere (called the Callima) was not as prominent as a few days later. I set up the 300mm f/4 Sumerian Alkaid on a dirt road near the holiday house and enjoyed the views of Sagittarius and Scorpius hight in the sky; in the Netherlands these contellations never rise high enough above the Southern horizon for good observatons. The Milky Way is the brightest in that region and although the Callima already started to obscure the sky, it still remained an amazing sight!

Most of the nebulosity around Messier 8 was visible without a filter, but I made this sketch using an Orion Ultrablock UHC filter, which helped to increase the contrast of the fainter parts. The object almost filled the field of view my 22mm LVW eyepiece. There was such an enormous amount of detail visible, it was nearly impossble to sketch all of it.

(I would have to sketch the whole night on a larger scale to catch it all, but I had some more objects om my observing list that night!)

Messier 8 - Arecida, La Palma, 1 aug. 2013, 23.15u - 00.45u, 300mm f/4, 22mm LVW, UHC


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