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  1. OKay - intrigued by the mask - had to google it. I also suspect I had vibration - I forgot that with the narrow FOV the vibration will be hugely magnified - I expected a shutter speed of 1/100th second would have countered that but I guess it did not. I'll try again with faster shutter speeds see the effect. I also just read your post again - liveview zoom - I didn't realize - there is a digital zoom with lioveview I presume? I'll take a look now!
  2. Anyone using one and how are they finding it. I've played around with mine a bit but I think I need to optimize the settings - some lunar pics were pretty disappointing but I'm not sure where I am going wrong. The video actually turned out nicely - but I thought the pics should have been much sharper, they were worse than the vids! Liveview I thought would be helpful but to be honest unless its pointing at the very brightest stars it doesn't even show up on the LCD viewer - I have to do all my focusing with bright stars - then move take a pic and see what I have - then try to move blindly again if I want any specific objects. Just curious to hear what others are finding the D3100 like.
  3. Wish I was lucky enough to have a favourite! I am pretty happy with my new purchase though, great scope for me to start on with an excellent goto function - really has made it a joy to go and see things with very little set up time. The poor outlook for photography already has me thinking about my next mount though! Using a Nexstar 6SE. I can't really take any exposures longer than 8-10 seconds without visible movement. Focal reducer on order though so lets see how that improves my limited exposure time? Bottom line is though it is giving me better views of the universe than I expected and I am getting a lot of satisfaction out of it. My worry about an equatorial mount is that I'm at 12 deg N - so its not easy to see the pole star as we don't have a great view north.
  4. Very nice - what was your exposure and mount?
  5. Agree - great sketch Roel. I am waiting for clear nights to see this again - in the late evening it is high in our skies to the south at the moment.
  6. Hello, I'm pretty much in the same boat as you, 40's, Scottish and new to astronomy!
  7. I just got a look at a good alternate thread that shows some pics. Apparently the back of the Celestron part called the visual back unscrews and the focal reducer goes where it was - and then you attach the visual back again on the back of the focal reducer. Whether I have the right spacing with this config to get the camera in focus is another matter, but at least I now know that no other bits are needed to attach the thing!
  8. Oh darn I got it - I never even closely examined where I put the prism in my 6` - I already have that thing straight on the back of the scope!!! Okay cool - got it!
  9. Oh excellent this is exactly what I wanted to know - so a standard 1.25 prism needs an adapter to then fit onto the screw at the back of the reducer? What is that adapter called?
  10. PS just want to be sure - since getting things to the island is a long process! If I get the reducer then find I need other adapters that could take a long time before I am using it!!! There is no mail system as such! everything has to be imported through a broker since no one ships to - The Post Office - Grenada. And don't even think about FEDEX or DSL -once cost me 100 us dollars to send a letter via courier!
  11. So the standard star prism just fits onto the back of the focal reducer without any adapters? I am just curious because the back of the focal reducer has a thread but it looks like there is no barrel for the prism to fit into - so can you somehow screw the standard prism onto the back of the reducer? Or will I need to buy an adapter of some sort too. I can't find much info on the fitting of the adapter in the celestron site so be interested to hear how you have done it.
  12. Hoops - noticed you are in Glasgow - lived there for a few years in Merchant City - Candleriggs - loved it!
  13. I agree - it costs too much for what it is. I think it cost me 25 USD, but I don't have the convenience of a local store that carries stock (and amazon etc don't deliver here) so I wanted to buy one that I know had worked for other people.
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