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  1. Thanks for the kind words. Peter
  2. I don't do astrophotography but I thought I would try a simple , single pic of the Moon. This was taken using my Sony A77 Mark 2 directly attached to my Skywatcher ST120. I placed a Baader FK filter between the camera and scope and shot in B&W. Mild processing and cropping in Snapseed.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. Peter
  4. Great image! This is an amazing cluster visually as well. Peter
  5. NGC5128 - Centaurus A is comparatively bright and easy to find near Omega Centauri , especially in a dark sky. Cheers Peter
  6. Interesting point about the az3 vs az4. My ST120 came with an az3 and I found it handled the scope quite well. However I gave the az3 away with a Meade 70mm f/10 refractor to a budding young astronomer. I mounted the ST120 on a small eq mount for a while but decided to get an az4. I had hoped to get the az4 with the stainless steel tripod but these were unavailable at that time here in New Zealand so I settled for an aluminium tripod instead. In use this setup has proved very stable and is easily light enough for me to actually grab'n'go. The operation of the az4 is very smooth and has a quality 'feel' to it. I certainly believe it to be a step-up from the az3. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the tubular stainless steel version of the az4 although I have read here and on other forums that it is extremely stable and able to support scopes larger than the ST120 albeit with the penalty of some extra weight. Cheers Peter
  7. Great write up! I have the same scope (albeit on an az4) and a similar sky to yours , although I am slightly further south. These scopes perform remarkably well on DSO's especially if you can get away to darker country skies. The area around Eta Carina is a real treat and probably one of my personal favourites. In fact the reason I purchased this scope was to scan/explore the star fields in and around Scorpius/Sagittarius in a way my 6" frac and 10" dob couldn't. Both Centaurus A and the Sombrero can in the right conditions be well worth seeking out. Peter
  8. Wonderful pic. I spend a lot of time viewing this area of the sky and you have captured it very well. Peter
  9. I have the same scope and successful use a Meade 4000 4.7mm UWA as my highest magnification ep. In all honesty the nights I can use it are few but when conditions allow such high (254X) magnifications it performs very well. I should imagine the ES 4.7 would be even better. Peter
  10. Welcome to SGL from me as well. There's plenty to see in our southern skies with your scope even from a city. Peter
  11. Welcome from Christchurch New Zealand. Peter
  12. Welcome to SGL from Christchurch! Peter
  13. Great sketching there ! Thanks for sharing. Peter
  14. Great pic! This galaxy is well placed for us at the moment. Peter
  15. Lovely pic. Very nice resolution. Peter
  16. Nice capture! I always have a quick look at this when observing near Scorpius. Peter
  17. Great images. I couldn't find this in SkySafari. Is this possibly NGC6752 in Pavo? Peter
  18. Glad you had a great time here. Your image is stunning! I don't do AP but I can appreciate the effort required. I have a foot in both camps when it comes to the best globular cluster - Omega Centauri because it's just so big and 47 Tucanae although smaller looks more like a typical globular cluster. Peter
  19. Great image mate. As it is well placed for me I spend a lot of time observing this area and you have captured it very well. Peter
  20. Really great pic! This is an incredible object visually as well. Peter
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