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Ceph and Cass

Upgrading the stepper motors on an Advanced CG-5 GT mount?


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Has anyone tried, or do they know if you can, upgrade the stepper motors on a CG-5 GT mount? If it can be done does anyone know what motors I would need to purchase? Could I for instance just get the CGEM motors, or do you need to get a motor with the correct rpm?!? Or do all motors rotate the same and it's the supply voltage/current that determines the speed?!? :icon_scratch:

I am very conscious of the noisy motors that the CG-5 GT has. We live in a row of bungalows and both our neighbours sleep in the rear of the properties and I set my scope up in the back garden close to the bungalow.

I am also fed up with the poor tracking that I am getting with the mount and thought that upgrading to better motors would be a cheaper option than going for a HEQ5 synscan or even an EQ6. I know that in all probability I would need to upgrade the bearing as well as I am trying to image with a 9.2 kg set up and I have read that about 7 kg is the max for imaging on this mount.

It's just with my limited ability and courage at taking things like this apart, changing the stepper motors is something that I would be quite happy to do if I could get much quieter/better motors.

Thanks for any help.

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the eq5 has quieter motors the vixen has quiter motors. But to truthful the best way to do it is to sell the cg5 and buy a heq5. The celestron uses servo motors all the others use steppers. I would imagine that the goto would require some recoding as stepper motors and servo motors work differently. or you would most likely need to buy a goto upgrade kit. in which case the heq5 really is the most economical route.

If non of the cg5 tune ups do it for you its time to upgrade it may be the case that you have reached the limits of your satisfaction with this mount in which case you will be throwing good money after bad

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I did really think that would be the case! It's just that my wife has booked a holiday to Verona later in the year to coinside with her Birthday and then soon after that it's the dreaded 'C' celebration, so I don't think I can run to £450 for a second hand HEQ5 as well. Guess I shouldn't have sold my old 102mm Mak!

Thanks anyway.

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