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M81 then and now


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Got bored last night as the better half was watching The White Queen :wacko: so went back to my M81 data. I never posted the original as I never really liked it, I prefer the new one but I'm limited as it's only about 1 hr in total LRGB

Calibrated, Stacked and Processed in Pixinsight really starting to enjoy using this software although it could do with more in ţhe way of tutorials Harry's videos and some of the official ones have been a blessing

The original image is from when I really had no clue about the software and the new image is the result of watching videos, still not got much of a clue though :D

Not posting this as a world beater image more hoping to encourage anyone that might have just taken the Pixinsight leap



M81 + M82 by Tokoloshe81, on Flickr



M81 RGB V2 by Tokoloshe81, on Flickr

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I think you have over done the background on the new, bring it back down to be like the other, irrc there is a massive amount of flux in this area dont mistake it for noise.

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I have three screens here and one is calibrated, (all three show it different) you can see the flux coming out now, it is a touch pixalated so it might be worth a gentle noise reduction but mask the stars and galaxy.

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Nice job you have really got the core showing in m82 as well as more detail in the outer dust lanes of m81 with the pixinsight one.Regarding the colour balance M81 maybe a touch on the blue side for me.I took a trial of pixinsight and was impressed enough to buy it totally agree about the video tutorials

especially Harry Pages what a great help.

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