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  1. no longer required as i've sold the scope i used it with, in good condition £160 p+p included payment via paypal or bank transfer please
  2. here is one i did with an atik 314 and 200mm Canon L lens
  3. yes Graham at Astrotec will do it for you. A real nice guy http://www.astrotecuk.co.uk/
  4. Nope didn't think the thread would still be active and can't believe it's been 4 yrs already
  5. Another TMB Lomo user here and I'd not swap it for any other similar sized scope
  6. Had this a few times with my old efw1 and it was as simple as restarting laptop with it already connect via usb, then all was good Of course you might have already tried that [emoji6]
  7. Cheers Martin Thanks Olly I had noticed the lack of colour in the core and when I'd gathered more data I was going to try reprocessing without the short Lum to see if it helped so many thanks for confirming my thinking
  8. Winter Project 23 x Lum 5 mins 4 x Red 5 mins 4 x Green 5 mins 4 Blue 5 mins + a few short ones for the core This is 2 nights worth of data so far. Sadly night 2 was cut short by patchy cloud so i'm very short of colour data, still very much a work in progress and i haven't spent as much time as normal processing the data so it might be a little rough around the edges I'd like to get another 3 good nights on this but with the UK weather the plan might have to change full res image can be seen here http://tokolosheastro.weebly.com/images.html
  9. Will you be getting any of the swanky Red versions ?
  10. Yes very clear Steve many thanks. You can pencil me in for an order once you have an idea on price etc
  11. Sweet. This is a HEQ5 in the style of the new az6 ? ?
  12. Thank you for the nice comments everyone
  13. That's a stunner John
  14. Hello all Its been a long time since i posted an image mainly due to bad weather and the short summer nights i've also been through some kit changes so this is first light for quite a few bits of equipment So this is what i've managed to grab whilst having a week off work and a run of clear nights Cederblad 214 in Cepheus 4 hrs H-Alpha 600 sec subs 4 hrs RGB 360 sec subs 80mm Lomo Atik 460 (new) SX filterwheel (new) Lakeside Stepper Motor (new) Astrodon Ha 3nm (new) Baader RGB Start to finish processed in Pixinsight Ced_214_HaRGB_V1 by Jake Cannon (www.tokolosheastro.weebly.com), on Flickr IC1
  15. Just to update the thread I received my new cable from David at hitecastro yesterday and tested it out last night with great success Happy Days
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