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Failed Mosaic in Ha 19/06/13

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I had a lovely imaging session at midday till 1 o'clock today. The sky was clear blue for an hour and it was flippin hot. I thought I would try a mosaic of all those lovely active regions, but the merging came out pants. So here are a few of the pics I have to show for my efforts. All done with the 120mm Lunt mod and DMK41. I thought the seeing was ok, but i only stacked an average of 40 frames from 1800 in each avi using AS!2.







And a prom shot.


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Individually the frames weren't too bad but they would not merge very well. I may try it again if the sun don't shine for a couple of days, or I will be imaging again to try for better data to work with. This closeup mosaic stuff is hard. :smiley:

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CS5 Robin. I actually could get a mosaic from the frames, but the illumination was uneven and all over the place and it was a very odd shape. I just didn't like it. I used 12 frames for the mosaic thinking I would end up with something that resembled a square, but it was more like a T shape. Its not that I didn't have all the pieces of the jigsaw, its just that Photomerge overlapped them in a strange fashion.

I need to practice with smaller mosaics, or wider fov shots until I get the hang of it. Or maybe I need to move the scope less to allow for an easier merging of the panes.

Come to think of it, I had am uneven ilumination problem when I took the avi's. The right side of the frame was overexposed compared to the middle and left side. When i try again, I'll try and adjust the position of the camera to get an even field of illumination across the sensor.

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A greater overlap would certainly help, as would flats. I have never had much success with mosaics until just recently and that has been with MS ICE.


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