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  1. tnx you all, i also hope something to capture in the weekend
  2. Taking advantage of the short break I managed to finish the processing and post processing of the data collected and to assemble this short clip. I followeed for an hour the first moments of detaching of an arc prominence; evident the plasma falling back on the sun while the upper portions began to leave in the spce. I also added a timer accelerated to highlight the time elapsed, as suggested to me by someone. Unfortunately a bit 'of detail is lost in the compression site but I hope you will like it . Here also few images of that day.
  3. tnx, i was lucky to have a clear sky that moorning, ihas been clody all night and the afternoon after just clear the right hours with the animations the blur and defect of not stacking the usual number of frames (5 sec instead of 50) almost disapear, i'm happy of the final result but I admit I will think twice to make it again all that processing eheh
  4. super neat and resolution, beauty
  5. hmm how can i edit my past post? i don't find the button O_o
  6. tnx, I used my loyal ptg chemeleon mono on my truss 150 refractor, with a daystar 0.5a filter.
  7. After sleepless nights (almost 800 files to sift) here is the video on the last solar eclipse. I assembled few timelapse made during the event (for a couple I had to give up because they are too rowdy or because the computer was not able to save all the files); I was forced to use clips of only 5 seconds without intervals due to the high speed of the moon at this focal, but I managed to achieve a fairly uniform level of detail ( a post processing challenge ). Given the number of movies I had to give up treatment too complex or it would take me too much. I suggest the vision of the video at f
  8. wow, amazing session all beautiful
  9. eheh tnx, i will think about a longer version
  10. great mosaic, and you are insane, 30 panel mosaic??? AAAARGH!!!!
  11. wow, great video, i love it it's following the sun perfectely , i can never make a good telescope align you have a beautifull sky, so clear ans steady so low at horizon
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