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Where is the Catch?


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The price you quote is in US dollars, but when I look at the website, the prices are quoted in GBP. Taking account of exchange rates, that would bridge most of the difference.

However I wonder how legitimate the site is. Most of the expensive items in the mount section are by no means off the shelf and often have long wait times and I would be concerned about the ability of this company to deliver the item at the quoted price.

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It's a lot of money to drop on a site that has no other web footprint other than its adverts. No happy or unhappy customers its possible its genuine I suppose but I find it unlikely that a new site in Indonesia can get these sort of discounts. If a deal is too good to be true its usually fishy

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Nothing wrong with Indonesia, but would I do a bank transfer of thousands of dollars to there?? The prices are low, too low - even if it was used products.

Credit card or Paypal would be a more secure option and I only do bank transfer to sellers I trust.


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I am interested in purchasing the Paramount MEII mount from Software Bisque. List price at Bisque is $13.5K.

However, I found that this same model is offered by http://www.sale-telescopes.com for only 8K (new).

Am I missing something?

Please advice....


Your sipder senses should be tingling.

The company is probably in Indonesia and they only take bank transfers as payment !!!

You would be due to pay import duty and vat on goods received so $13.5 K would be about £11.0 K by the time it

gets to your door - if it ever does.

I just went through the check out and these are their bank details that's given for payments.

Below Our Bank Account Details to clear the payment :

- Beneficiary Name / Account Name : SYAID IMAM

- Beneficiary Number / Account Number : #########

- Bank Name : PT. Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk


- Bank Address :Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 1 Jakarta 10220

- Country : INDONESIA

I'd stay well clear for sure....


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A few years ago there was a site call Stayfocus.eu that sold Paramount ME cheaper than everyone else.

Lets just say, the story did not have a happy ending for a lot of people.

Exactly what I was thinking.

Paramounts are not perfect. I know three people who have needed backup with theirs, just as is likely to be the case with any mount. If I were to buy a Paramount in the uk it would be from Ian King.


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