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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for a CCD with approx 40-45 mm active diagonal and noticed both the QHY28 (at least 3 months waiting list) and the Trius SX-36 (introduced back in 2015 - USB 2 etc...), both around KAI16070M (QE~52%, FW~44K, Pixel size 7.4uM). My questions to the experts: 1. Are these cams still considered good choices for their price (~$6.5K)? 2. Are there better alternatives for the price and spec. properties mentioned above? Thanks, Romi
  2. ... It is true that Galileo did not mention the Orion Nebula but there are some records that do, still in his days (between 1610-1620).
  3. Thanks Harry, Wasn't aware of this thread. Compiling all the pros and (mostly) the cons with this RASA, I now feel that for a fast scope, it might be still better to compromise on a smaller aperture like the TeleVue-NP127fli (though expensive) and be more flexible with NB imaging and CCDs (of course with more min. to integrate). Romi
  4. Hi Olly, Wish you a fast recovery. I truly look forward to hear your comments on the issues considered once you have the chance to work with the RASA. So many unclear questions... On one hand, it looks as a strong and unique instrument but on the other hand, if it indeed restricts the use of CCD cameras to only OSC and is ineffective in narrowband photography, then it is not a valid option for many of us. As for the mount, I had in mind the EQ8 which should be o.k. with its weight. Regards, Romi
  5. Yes. The short BF (claimed 55mm) is definitely a major problem. Even a small FW (thought about Mini SX filter wheel + OAG) will use almost 29mm (+ say 10mm for the adapters) of the 55mm, leaving some not-enough room for a decent large-format CCD. Interesting to know if anyone has tried a narrowband setup with the RASA (for me, a OSC is not an option for such an expensive telescope). Best, Romi
  6. Hi, It's been a while since the new RASA is available. However, I see very limited number of posts discussing the new fellow. I wonder if anyone who own (and had the chance to actually use) the astrograph, has some insights to share (Pros – Cons). Of particular interest (for me at least) is what are the limitations in regard to additional accessories one would attach to the OTA, such as OAG and FW (due to the relatively short BF) and the camera (that would benefit from the relatively large image circle). Some general comments on stability, focusing etc., would also be appreciable. Cheers Romi
  7. Gee..., I wasn't aware of that. Thanks a lot !, Romi
  8. Hi, I was unable to find out where to buy the EQ8(Head only) and the price. Does anyone knows who offers a good price in the US?
  9. Experimenting with the Jellyfish Nebula (IC 443), as of 24-25 last Dec, with new AGO iDK17 f/6.8, FLI16803 (-20C) UHC:7.2K, HI:3.6K, OIII:3.6K, SII:3.6K [sec]. Thanks for viewing, Romi
  10. Hello, I would like to access MaxIm from within Matlab so to "save as" FIT images as TIF etc., as well as some other simple tasks (not yet fully control) to be done by MaxIm. Anyone aware of a sample 'm' files that can perform such actions? Regards, Romi
  11. Well, pretty much for the amateur community. However, some extensions/alternatives are on their way... Look for instance for INDI etc http://www.cloudmakers.eu/windi Romi
  12. Hi there, I consider the purchase of a Baader's Planetarium H-beta 8.5nm Narrowband filter. I cannot find however, a typical (linear) transmission profile nor an Out-of-Band spectra (OD) of that filter. Does anyone can direct me to such data? Thanks, Romi
  13. Only it rises at about 04:50 AM so practically too close to horizon before washed away....
  14. Hi Nick, Thanks for that. I will see into it. Best regards Romi
  15. Hi there, I am looking for an Electronic Focuser for Feather-Touch FTF2535HD. I found some JMI units that are advertized for the FTF20xx. I nevertheless hesitate to buy as size and other dimensions may be different. Can anyone advice? Thanks, Romi
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