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Ceph and Cass

Sol from windy Somerset


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Curious weather at the moment from one day to the next but last Tuesday was sunny if somewhat. windy.

The gusts of wind carmped my style a bit but one image was slightly better than the rest.

I think this was AR1726 before it started to move away from the Earth-facing side.

Hoping for a few more sunny days this summer as the Sun is starting to get more interesting.


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I think you're right about the focus as the others were worse.

Because of the condtions and general incompetence on my part, I just couldn't nail the focus. Also I find the best time to image is usually about 5pm or so. This was much earlier in the day.

Used a PST and black and white modded Philips SP900Nc plus a Barlow as I find it's hard to get focus without it.

I'm sure I'll get more and better opportunities in the months to come (ever the optimist!)


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Nice shot Geoff, it has a certain 3d feel about it. It's not easy when the wind is blowing strong and everything is moving to get really good focus. I am sure there will be plenty of good days to come, once we shake off winter that is.


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