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Clear sky?


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Hi all,

Mega clear skies here at the moment :shock: gonna setup later for some FUN observing without imaging(i think) because of ye olde booze :clouds2:

Plan is to observe Saturn and Mars oh and of course santa on his sleigh :clouds2:

Hows things there?


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It`s clear skys here(Oxford)to.I think my bro(who is older than me by bout10 20 years) is trying to make me feel guilty about not buying my parents anything for christmas.I couldn`t asue i only get £10 a month.I  feel a bit guilty i hate him :clouds2:.He`s having a pop at me for not buying anything yet he only gives me a 10er a month (cause i ain`t finished school yet)

Anyway clear skys here.

P.S where abounce is Saturn? And i saw Venus as well earlier.Sorry if that sounds rude(Sonia).Cause i was about to post and it came up if that "Warning - while you were typing a new reply has been posted. You may wish to review your post."thing.

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