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Orion and Running Man

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I think that is one of the outstanding virtues of Digital photography. You can take the same data, and process it in an almost infinite number of ways, and as long as you save the original work, you can always go "back to square one"! Enjoy, experiment, and learn. The whole thing is really a matter of personal taste, after all !

Jim S.

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Much better.

Although there is noise showing now, it's better than the effect of the noise reduction you used on the original, and, as I mentioned earlier, to get past the noise you need lots of time on target.

I shot over 6 hours on this region earlier this year with a CCD camera, and could really do with double that to get past the noise in the faint areas.



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The second is more subtle and more honestly reflects what is really in the data. What I think is that you would have done better with different sub lengths. 60 seconds is too long for the Trapezium and 240 seconds not long enough for the dust.

In my version I used 10, 50, 300 and 600 secs. The 10 minute subs were at F3.9 as well. The rest were at F5.3. If you want the dust without noise reduction (which I hate using ) you need long subs and a lot of them. Because I've imaged the region several times with guests I've accumulated about 22 hours of data and this makes life easy!

Anyway, welcome to SGL.


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I enjoyed the artistic flare in the first one I have to say hence my comment 'unusual rendition' but I do prefer the more faithful second version. Noise is the issue here and more subs. are the answer as already suggested by others. The joys of digital processing - so many different ways to represent and object!

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The processing side of imaging is so much fun you can get out there at night and capture all that lovely data and then the next day enjoy working on your images and you just cant beat the thrill you get when the final stacked image appears in deep sky stacker that is like opening an astronomical Christmas present and I luvs it I doos.

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