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  1. The larger Berlebach wooden tripods are sturdier than the standard CGEM tripod, they also have better vibration absorbing properties too. Good info on the DIY Hypertune. When i did mine i also found that the dec/ra retaining rings were cranked up way too tight. I went for the ceramic upgrade bearings and teflon spacers. I didnt change the bearings in the end, just cleaned up the originals with a citrus based degreaser and reaplied with superlube. Replaced standard spacers with the teflon ones. Also cleaned, sanded and polished the ring gears. Made worm adjustments without any weight on the mou
  2. The guy in the Youtube vid is on the CN forum. He sent his mount back to Meade to sort it. It appears the Starlock issue was with the narrow field camera not initializing for guiding. Meade have just released a firmware upgrade/correction for this on their website. Cant help but think this should of been picked up in QA:icon_scratch:. Anyway if anyone is going to review it it'll be this fella when he gets the mount back. I might be wrong but didnt the Ioptron have clutch issues too before the V2 release?
  3. Hello Would the Williams Optics ones fit. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/tube-rings/william-optics-90mm-cnc-tube-rings.html I've got these fitted to my Meade 5000 80mm Apo. Nice snug fit and good quality. Scott
  4. Sorry nothing at the moment. The only thing i've heard is from across the pond that the first batch of LX800 12" being shipped with some US CN forum members banding about tracking numbers and delivery dates etc... but still no LX80's shipping in the US either. Still there is hope:icon_scratch:
  5. Thanks for eveyones insight:) Scott
  6. Okey dokey Have had another go. This is alot more subtle than my first attempt. What do guys think? Scott
  7. Errrrr i dont think anyones pooping the party. I have'nt been doing astrophotography all that long so this is all good information for me. Comments and critique are always welcome;) Thanks everyone:D
  8. Blimey, that is very good for a first Tohrazer. Well done. Use of a 17" scope, how lucky are you:cool: Scott
  9. Dont worry about it. Awwww go on show us:):):) Scott
  10. Thats really nice. I do like Hubble palette pics. Scott
  11. Thats looking good. You had a busy night there Scott
  12. Sure..... Canon 1100D (T3) Modded Meade 5000 80mm Apo Moonlite Focuser upgrade QHY5/9x50 Cam/Guidescope CGEM Hypertuned Captured with BYEOS, stacked in DSS, processed PS Elements 10 Thanks to everyone for the comments Scott
  13. Thanks for the comments guys. @laser_jock99: I'm pretty fortunate to live in an area with low light pollution, not dark sky site status by any means but good enough. @steppenwolf: Thanks Steve, not quite the norm this image. I found when i was processing this one that it had an almost painting type look to it. Bit odd but i like the outcome:) Cheers Scott
  14. Hi everyone This is my first pic posted on this forum. I have posted this one on a couple of other forums so some of you may have allready seen this. Image is made up of 60x10sec, 40x30sec, 40x60sec, 25x120sec and 40x240sec @iso800 plus flats, no darks as i used dithering. Processed and layer masked in PS Elements 10. Thanks for looking Scott
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