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Jupiter and albedo details of galilean moons

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Hi Patricio

Those are absolutely stunning images. I find it amazing that you are able to obtain detail on the moons, don't know how you do it, incredibly skillful.

I was actually wondering how these compared with the Voyager images so I Googled them. There is a link to one below. Seems to me that your images are comparable with some of the ones taken on approach. Quite an achievement!

Keep them coming.



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I'm using the set-up that I described here:


I'm living in an area with strong turbulences. The seeing in never 5/5. The night of the images the seeing was 3/5 which afected heavily to the shorther wavelenghts (Blues and UV).

That night, besides of the regular seeing I made a fine collimation with the CCD and the software Metaguide by Frank Freestar8n. It was the first night that I was using Metaguide for collimation and I found very easy to use and very efective as the collimation is done with the same equitment used for imaging.

Besides of that, because of the mediocre seeing I try to imaging in infrared and using as many frames as possible.


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One of the images taken those nights has been selected Astronomy Picture of the Day (AAPOD) for march 4, 2012.

The picture shows Jupiter and a transit of Io while is casting its own shadow at the othe side of the Great Red Spot. In the magnifized insert, Io shows an orange colour and some darker albedo details in the polar caps.




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Thanks, actually because the regular seeing, the blue-channel was blured giving to the picture this aspect, like covered by a veil.

On the other hand, in this picture I'm very close to the limit of resolution of my equipment. Io was just over 1 arcsec.


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