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  1. Pretty chuffed with this one, but still trying to get to grips with the webcam (Orion Starshoot IV) - seems I have to use different settings each time I use it. This image is quite good to compare with the animation of Jupiter and Io, posted earlier. Jup_15_01_12_19_30.bmp
  2. Absolutely stunning pictures, there! The amount of detail is incredible.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, there. I did blow the picture up a bit, as it helps highlight some of the flaws better, I feel. Seeing was not brilliant, and the image is a stack of 100/900ish processed in Registax and Gimp. I think I really drove both programs hard, in order to extract as much as possible - probably overdone it, tbh. Scope is an old orange Celestron C8, with no barlow, so again magging it up as much as I did is bound to show up imperfections. As for colour, I am still trying to get to grips with curves etc, so it is great to get advice regarding colour, saturation etc. There does se
  4. Still getting to grips with new webcam/registax/gimp. This is a rather heavily processed image of Jupiter from Christmas Eve. I know there is a bit of over-exposure at the centre of the disc, but critiques/comments/tips would be welcome. Capture 23_12_2011 18_03_57tightcropc.bmp
  5. Jupiter last night (23/12/2011) at around 21:00hrs. (Still not altogether happy with the lack of detail, and not sure whether it is a collimation or focus issue, but I am fairly pleased with the colours) I think it does show one of the barges on the NEB just emerging from the limb. Jupiter_12_2011 21_22_08small.bmp
  6. Something very amiss with the camera settings. Turned off "Auto White balance", and then I started to get colour - heck, it's a steep learning curve!
  7. Nice piccy. My three year old also likes Jupiter, and those two dark patches in the ?NEB look a bit like eyes, giving the planet a happy looking face! I managed to get a few in the other evening with my new web-cam, but somehow only managed monochrome...
  8. Thanks for your advice there. The scope is as well collimated as I can get it, but seeing was not to great, that's for sure, and the frost on the corrector plate was not helping either! I suspect you are spot on about the gamma setting. Scouring the web, the consensus is for a low gamma setting, so I will have another bash once the skies clear (Whenever that may be!). The image was indeed captured using Sharpcap, and is a stack of 200/1800 using Registax.
  9. Ok...here goes.... Attached image is a rather poor attempt at Jupiter, and the webcam settings I used. Webcam is a newly acquired Orion Starshoot iv, coupled to a celestron C8, without Barlow attachment. I think I have made a number of rookie errors, but a critique and advice would be welcome. Camera Settings were: Frame Divisor=1 Resolution=1280x1024 Frame Rate (fps)=10.00 Colour Space / Compression=RGB24 Exposure=4 Brightness=0 Contrast=103 Hue=164 Saturation=147 Sharpness=0 Gamma=75 Capture 19_12_2011 19_35_47.bmp
  10. Hello, everybody, and greetings from the Black Isle, Scotland. I have always had an interest in Astronomy, but found this recently re-kindled recently when I inherited an old orange Celestron C-8. That, and the realisation that with a newly acquired scope with RA drive meant I could now attempt a bit of web-cam photography. Still very much on the bottom of a steep learning curve with the latter, so please forbear if I end up asking dumb questions. The attached image is of Jupiter from the night before last - think I have a lot of work to do to produce anything of quality! At least it's a start
  11. Much better than my attempt last night........ I really must try harder!
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