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Hi Guys

Just so you know, as with spud i will not be posting for a while either.

As with him nothing personal, but i have a new business to build now and she is due to go live within the next few weeks.

As i am sure you can imagine things are pretty hard going at the moment. Plus i have new business ventures to consider

I regret not being able to make ur star party it sounds a rite laugh, but have a few more me, and observe a few as well :-)

It is far from goodbye, i will still rtn to place comments, but will be unable to post as often i have in the past.

for you understanding i thank you.

Clear skies guys


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thank you guys

I will return, its just if one of tthem works out it will make me, and all concerned.

and if i do make the money, be sure i will host the next star party myself, and buy the beers, you are all invited :-)

I am sick and tired now of being skint, time to change that :-)

Thanks again, you are a diamond lot, its an honour to be with you all :-)


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that is my hope and intention james

though i must admit i hit the biggest idea yet this evening

i am in the doghouse with the misses for it though, as she hates it. I cannot seem to win :-(


I dread to think what the idea is.....0898? :clouds1:

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to be sure guys,

and thanks again

if i do not speak to many of you in the mean time, be sure to have a very merry xmas and a very happy new year.

As for those i advised and helped earlier, and you know who you are. If you need me, pm me, i will respond :-)

take care all, also signing off :-) (temporarily)


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