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Pink Bubble ngc 7635


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I have completely los the plot on what the colour should be on this. It is a combination of HA and RGB with the HA on the Luminance channel only.

HA 8 x 600s

RGB 14 x 300s and 8 x 600s

I quite like the level of detail but I don´t think I´ll get a chance to get any more the next couple of weeks.



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Neil I love the pink! I have trouble with getting the colours 'right' when using Ha & RGB. There are so many ways to use it. Some, rather than using it as luminance, combine it with the red channel.

Lovely image though & great detail. :)


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Try adding the Red and the Ha as Ha+R/Ha+RGB to give more kick to the colour of the nebula that looks washed out a bit, star colour is good. You've got quite a bit of surrounding faint nebulosity. Bubble structure is best as O3 but shows in Ha as well.


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This is nice but is the 'pink with blue haloes' palette! That is, Ha as luminance.

My recommedation would be to add the Ha to red in Blend Mode Lighten at 30%. Merge and try it. Then go again with the Ha as above but set to 60% and try that.

Then you can try Ha as Luminance at a very low opacity as well. I never exceed 15% myself.

FInally you can try pasting the RGB on the top, selecting only the stars and erasing the rest. Done with careful feathering this can restore your original star colour, though usng Blend Mode Lighten when adding Ha means that star colour is little affected.


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I had another go at reprocessing roughly following Ollys suggestion, but not exactly as I couldn´t find the same terminology in Maxim DL.

This is HA and R combined and HA also added as a Luminance sub but with a 50% weighting.

I think it definately looks better but I will continue to play. One thing it has taught me is to combine the subs for R, G and B separately to get Master subs then use those master subs to combine for colour. so much quicker than combining the full set of subs each time. ;)


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Thanks for the comments, I have found the settings suggested in the layers part of photoshop so can use that in future for ha manipulation.

I have an urge to buy lots of malteasers now! Thanks swag72 ;-)

The trick is how to buy and eat them without any of my lovely family seeing them...I'm sssooo caring and sharing.

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