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Skywatcher ExtraFlat 16mm ep

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It's been a while since I posted on this site so please be gentle, lol.

I was wondering about the above eye-piece as an addition to my growing collection; I only have the meade 3000 9.7mm and 25mm at the moment, but would like a few more to play with.

What are people's thoughts on this extra flat ep, is it worth the £50 asking price or should I get something else?

Thank you.


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I've gotta admit that is new ep to me. all i have are the standard Skywatcher EP's that came with my scope plus the Meade 5000 plosle's i've bought since. £50 is a pretty good price if they're good EP's. Let me know how you get on :)

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Hi Richard

I honestly think you can't go far wrong in buying used from here. They are usually well looked after, and you get a higher quality lens buying used - a lot of televue plossl come up often for £40ish.

The only virtue needed is patience in waiting for what you want!


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