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  1. Thanks. I was holiday there last October and I got lucky with two evenings of clear skies; I have NEVER seen so many stars, it was amazing ?
  2. Following on from the Orion Nebula, whilst in Devon last year I took this shot of M45.
  3. No problem Ouroboros, it's nice to get honest feedback. ?
  4. Thanks vlaiv, That looks very interesting, I guess I would need the tripod too (?); would I need anything else such as a dovetail bar? ? I like the idea of it being a full GO TO as well ? Rick.
  5. Unfortunately the mount is broken so I am unable to use it ? I've had my eye on one of these: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-heritage-114p-virtuoso.html I know it's not best suited for photography, but I might give one a go just to see, and it's not that expensive at least. lol Rick.
  6. Thanks for all the nice comments. I will definitely keep at it, and most certainly will try the deep sky stacker program. Light pollution is a big problem where I live, but I suspect others suffer too. I live about an hour away from the Peak District so I might venture up there to dark skies ? Rick.
  7. Thanks all. ? The upstairs bathroom light was on which sort of ruined my shot a little bit, lol. RayD: what sort of equipment do they use?
  8. That makes me feel a bit better, haha. Some of the other users' images on here are incredible - their equipment must cost £1000s! lol ?
  9. Here is my first pathetic attempt at capturing the Orion nebula, lol I used a Canon EOS M on a table top tripod for approx 10 seconds.
  10. Apparently SL starts on 22nd May, but in Australia only. Bummer!
  11. I sold the TV ep some time ago as it was surplus to requirements, but I came into some money to pay for my kit fortunately (I haven't got round to editing my signature, lol :p)
  12. Thanks Jules, I was going to cover that with savings but I will edited it now Rick.
  13. Hi everyone, I am interested to know how people can afford to buy such expensive toys, I would love a new scope / tripod / camera / eye piece etc., but can't afford it so how does everyone else? Thanks! Rick.
  14. Hi Mr Niall, It can be a bit of a faff setting up my scope, but I have it attached to the tripod and keep it stored in my shed. My problem is I am not very good at finding things to look at, apart from bright objects like the moon and jupiter/saturn so I tend to get bored / cold and pack up! I also have an 8" dob stored in the shed too, but find it quite heavy to lug around and can be awkward for me to use as I'm 6"4' tall and tend to suffer from back ache after a while! I was thinking about getting one of these: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/heritage/skywatcher-heritage-114p-virtuoso.html for the ultimate "grab and go" scope; I know aperture is definitely king, but me being a casual enthusiast this might kill two birds with one stone so to speak :-) All the best. Rick.
  15. I've just spotted this: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/meade-telescopes/meade-lightbridge-mini-82mm-table-top-dobsonian-telescope.html Would make a useful scope for traveling?
  16. Hi Geoff, Thanks for your interesting reply. :-) I was looking at maybe investing in one of these as a grab and go and with the added option of attaching my camera for a bit of astrophotography (with limitations), but if the Heritage 100p can be upgraded to a goto then fab :-) Is the Heritage 76 any good? lol Thanks, Rick.
  17. Hi Charic, I have a hat and gloves, thanks. The 8" dob is pretty heavy to lug around and fit to it's base (for me anyway as I am of a slender frame) and it can be a little awkward at times as depending on what you are looking at, one can get into some strange viewing positions, and can give me neck and back strain (I'm 6" 5' !) lol Rick.
  18. Hi dave. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I still have the st102, but I find the setup a bit complicated - the mount is not very stable. I would like a small scope I can travel with. Thanks. Rick.
  19. Hello, It has been a while since I was last on this forum, and I have recently returned to Astronomy after a long break I have decided to try and get back into it (Stargazing Live always helps :-) ). The main problem I have/had is being the owner an 8" dob I could never be bothered lugging it out of the shed and setting it as it is quite heavy, and not much fun in the freezing cold, so I have decided to buy a small grab and go scope instead - the Skywatcher Heritage range in particular. I think I am more of a casual enthusiast so one of these would be ideal for me and quick and easy to set up. I quite like the Heritage-76 or the 100p (I presume there is no option to upgrade this to a Goto system?!) Any advice is most welcome. Rick.
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