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  1. It's your brain I'm afraid. I love it when the human brain plays a trick on its owner. My brain can be rather recalcitrant too. The best thing to do is laugh [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk -
  2. I have read a couple on my iPhone but it isn't the easiest thing to do. Perhaps I'm not doing it right or missing a trick as it seems to require quite a bit of zooming in and scrolling around the page. I'm a bit old fashioned and like to have the pages in my hands Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk -
  3. Clever! I like your thinking. I have on occasion acquired other mags but haven't felt the need to subscribe. Astronomy now looks pretty good though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk -
  4. I only get the sky at night as I subscribe to a PC mag as well and my wife will kill me if I get anymore. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk -
  5. Not heard of this one. Sounds like it has some nice features Cheers I'll give it a go.
  6. That sounds like a good review on the way Alan. SGL would be a great opportunity to do some serious compare and contrast reviews. All that different kit together in one place. Sounds like a good plan! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I have the ES 24mm 68 deg which is a very fine eye piece. And a Meade 82mm 8.8mm which I can also say is very good. If all these eps are essentially the same I'd be amazed if there was a noticeable difference to all but the best trained of eyes..... But then you never know without a proper comparison :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I have one but only use it occasionally in between using stellarium TLAO and Will Tirions star atlas. I do like my old wheel but frequently lose the thing.
  9. That sounds like a good comparison and a review I would like to read
  10. 12 and 8mm fl sounds like the Pentax XF range could fill that gap!
  11. Hi Dave, Good advice given above. Personally I'd go for the biggest scope you can afford (provided you can deal with the size/weight issue). Eye piece wise, the barrel size (1.25 inch or 2 inch) doesn't govern how much you can see in most focal lengths of EP. It only makes a difference with longer FL EP's (generally longer than 24mm) and then usually only the wide angle EP's. If you want to see more sky through the lens you should go for the SWA (68 degree) or UWA (82 degree) or even the XWA (100 degree and up) EP's. If you want to see things at a higher magnification, such as the planets you'
  12. I do get what you mean - eyeballing DSO's is a good way to get yourself eyestrain. I am keen to move on to some AP as soon as funds allow. Nice picks by the way
  13. The only kit I have ever ditched (gave away)is the stock lenses that came with my SW. My wife thinks I'm a bit of a hoarder but I'd say I was a collector of cool stuff
  14. That is a stunning image. I'm very keen to start AP as soon as funds allow
  15. My 18mm BGO is an oft used EP that is exceedingly useful and pin sharp. Very handy for DSO's so I know exactly what you mean.
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