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CG-5 goto

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The new scope and tripod arrived this morning, I've done a quick indoor set up and all is well. I do have one fairly stupid question though as the manual says nothing about it.

On the CG-5 GT mount do I have to accurately polar align and then set up the goto alignment from that or can I just point the tripod North and align the index marks and align from there ?

I have fantastic views to the South East and West but cannot see polaris because of huge trees....


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Hey Rob,

Point your mount roughly where Polaris is, do a two star alignment, and then use the all star polar alignment. You can basically use any star along the meridian to polar align your scope. When you do your two star alignment, make sure the last alignment star you pick is along the meridian (I usually use Spica) once your alignment is finished, push the align button and scroll to the polar align feature. It will slew to where it thinks Spica should be (or the star you choose). Once the mount is done moving, you will have to align your scope using the alt/alz adjustment knobs manually. It is important you DO NOT move your scope with the hand controller or adjust using the RA/DEC. You should be able to get a descent polar alignment from this.

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In addition to the above, with newer versions of the HC firmware you wont need to re-calibrate your goto after polar alignment. I never thought of using Spica though becuase I thought it was a bit close to the horizon.

To add detail to the initial lining up with polaris. Make sure you can sight polaris through the RA axis of your mount, the instrucions on how to achieve this are in the manual. You can get polar scopes for the CG5, but I prefer the all star align routine.

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I get a good view of Spica here in New York, could be different where you live. I told Rob to use Spica because he cant view Polaris from his site, otherwise you are right about lining up Polaris through the finderscope.

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