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  1. Clouds rolled in here as well. I was still able to get a few pics. Posted them in another post, grateful for what I got.
  2. Still happy with the results. Taken with Nikon D3100 and 8" Orion Reflector.
  3. Good luck everyone, hope we all get a clear night. Looking foward to the flood of pictures tomorrow. Cheers and clear skies!!!
  4. Great shots, can't believe it's Orion Season
  5. Thanks everyone, I never had such problems coordinating when to take an image. A few failed nights later, I'm glad I have something to show for it.
  6. Very nice. I have a Newtonian like you, and M31 busts out of the frame every time.
  7. I tinkered with your image a bit, hope you don't mind (I like the practice). I adjusted some color, clarity, highlights, and added some masking. Im no expert by any means, but it just shows how much you can change with post processing software. Hope you like it.
  8. The only success I've had with M31 is layering 1 min subs with 4 min subs. I could never pull enough of the dust spirals out with minute subs, and 4 min would blow out the core, so layering works best if you have the guiding capability. I use Adobe Lightroom, similar to photoshop, and adjusting the hue and clarity should fix the blue color and bring out some more detail. I would tinker with a decent photo editing program, I learned just adjusting every level and remembering what worked best. Good luck.
  9. Summer is basically done, but I've been attempting to get the Helix before Fall begins. Between being low on my horizon and the trees around me, I never could quite get it. I finally found a small window to image it between some trees, and I'm just glad to see it. Only had 40 min to get data, but I'm just relieved another one added to the list. Bring on the winter DSOs
  10. Thanks everyone. The light box is definitely something I will be using the next time I go out. I never realized how enjoyable it is to view the sun until I came to this forum and saw the amazing images posted.
  11. Thanks James, focusing is much more difficult than I thought. Computer screens and bright sun are not a good mix, so some sort of light shield will be necessary next time.
  12. Hey all, After purchasing an 8" reflector, i decided to convert my old 6" into a solar scope. I wasn't expecting much since it is not a dedicated Coronado or HA scope, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Also, its was quite a strange feeling taking the telescope out in broad daylight. First shot was with my iPhone afocal with 20mm lens Second was with a Starshoot webcam, 1000x stacked
  13. Great shot Reggie, however, its hard to resist buying more gear
  14. Amazing how much the Red stands out. And 30 minute subs....... I expect nothing less from the Jedi Master Olly.
  15. Look great for you first images. I don't think my first images were presentable in any way shape or form. As stated above, focusing, processing, and guiding are things you will learn over time. Its an extremely rewarding hobby, so keep it up.
  16. If you are lacking a shutter release cable, then 30 sec is the max (at least for my Nikon). But, they are relatively cheap and the programmable ones make life so much easier.
  17. Amazing, M27 just fills the image at that Focal Length.
  18. Thank you all for the well wishes. The wife knows the telescope is part of the complete package
  19. Hey everyone, The Big Day is tomorrow, and of course the skies will be clear for the next several days. But, I got a chance to do some imaging last night. I got about an hour of data on the Draco Trio, 12x300 sec subs at ISO 400. I also started experimenting with layers with M13, combining sets of 5 min subs and 2 min subs. I did a Rubbish job with processing, but Im just glad I have a grip on the layer process. Now if I could just find some time......... Cheers everyone!!!!!!!
  20. M57 is so so small, even in my 1000mm, but you got it nicely with 650mm. As someone mentioned earlier, polar alignment will do wonders. You should be able to pull off a minute exposure without auto guiding if you have good polar alignment. My CG5 has a polar alignment feature in the handset, which works surprisingly well. You should check if your mount has the same. Good luck on the future photos.
  21. I don't have a EQ6 (currently using a CG5) however, when I began using the mount it wouldn't slew in RA. I found that the mount needed more amps than the provided cheap power source provided (basically a cigarette lighter attachment that is supposed to be plugged into your car for power, it never worked properly). I bought a power supply that provided the correct amps and voltage, and the mount worked fine. Don't know if this applies to you, but it sounds like you are on the right track of fixing your problem. Make sure your getting enough power to the mount.
  22. A few more results from last night. Same method as my M33 posted before, 10x5 minute exposures, 30 Flats, 10 Dark, ISO 400. Im finding I enjoy lower ISOs with longer exposures. I used to use the shorter exposure with high ISOs method, but I think Olly has gotten in my head with the priority of long exposures to bring out the detail (although I've seen great high ISO shots) Cheers.
  23. Hey all, The clouds cleared up last night and I got in a good round of imaging. The latest challenge has been learning the ropes with FLATS. It took many attempts to figure out what I was doing wrong. Vignetting is inevitable with my Reflector and DSLR, but when i was initially applying FLATS the vignetting would just shift to other parts of the image. After pulling my hair out for a few hours, I did more research to get my histogram in the correct position and to take 30 FLATS instead of a few. To me, it helped a lot. My original images were an eye sore. Here is my humble M33, still working on the other images. Cheers everyone. 10 x 300s Lights 5 x 300s Darks 30 Flats DSS and Adobe Lightroom
  24. Color Balance looks great. Im just happy when the pillars show up in my images
  25. Hey all, Clear skies tonight finally allowed for some more practice. I forget how rusty I am sometimes Learning Polar Alignment and Processing all over again is quite the job. But no matter, here are some results, which I am always happy to get regardless Trifid - 6x5 minutes 400 iso Dumbbell - 6x5 minutes 400 iso
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