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  1. I think you'll find that is the older version of the PST not the newer one, it has the american flag on it and the newer cases are different so it's unlikely that it is one of the stolen ones. Put my PST on ABS last week for £350 including international shipping, it sold in 5 mins, I could have sold it 10 times over, there is a lot of demand for these.
  2. I'm going to challenge accepted 'wisdom' here on SGL, DON'T get a newtonian as a first scope they can lead to immense frustration and complete disillusionment with astronomy, the almost constant need for collimation is an incredible pain and if you don't have the stick to it ness required at the beginning to mess around with secondary and primary positioning you will be tearing your hair out after an hour of fruitless screw twiddling. Something that will get you up and seeing in the shortest time possible like a little mak or refractor which don't require that you spend additional funds on a collimator etc is probably the best bet and will show almost as much and they're not so fussy about eyepieces either, the performance of newtonians of f5 and below suffers with the quality of eyepieces used and you will certainly need to spend more money on upgrading almost immediately, with maks and refractors you can get away with cheaper eyepieces. Elsewhere in SGL there is a thread bemoaning lazer collimators not being collimated on arrival, the general consensus was 'how terrible send it back' newtonians never arrive collimated and therefore should be sent back where they came from. This has been wriiten partly in frustration and anger, I am an experieced observer and still have many problems with the collimation of my 200pds, if I were a beginner it would have totally turned me off astronomy and been on ebay or in tiny tiny pieces long ago. There are always collimation threads and newer members getting hot under the collar and annoyed but the wise ones continually suggest these imo unsuitable telescopes for budding astronomers.
  3. Seems a few people at least are getting them now, and there appear to be no major issues yet. http://www.astronomyforum.net/refractor-telescopes-forum/124159-stellarvue-refractor-lx80-mount-3.html#post1057492504 Looking hopeful.
  4. Wow such scepticism, no one has this mount yet and only 2 or 3 people have the LX800 and the only problem with that seems to be the starlock function not staying on target which could well be user error reading between the lines on CN. There have been teething problems with pretty much all mass produced goto mounts at launch. And 'ludicrously inadequate fork mounts' ? Really? Strange that so many people have and rate them highly, yes they're no good for long exposure AP without a wedge but not everyone wants to do that and for planetary or just good old fashioned visual oberving they are more than adequate. I will probably get one of these LX80s when they finally arrive because tbh I'm very interested to see how it performs and prefer first hand experience to conjecture and hearsay.
  5. Far be it from me to interject again but spinning it round in the holder ? Not very precise , any laser collimator will do this even a hotech if you don't tighten it down, just the action of tightening the holder screw will throw it out as well. Again this kind of thread makes me doubt the suitability of newtonians as first scopes......
  6. Why don't you just collimated it it should have come with a little allen key under the foam thing in the box. Just a heads up to all newbies..........
  7. I have a C11 with a Cg5gt, yes yes I know it's overloaded for long exposure imaging but for visual as long as it's well balanced it works prefectly well. If you can get or make some vibration damping pads even better. It's relatively cheap, very portable and finds and tracks very well as long as it's properly aligned. I've even managed to get some reasonable planetary images with a Meade LPI.
  8. I've just picked a Meade DSI for a truly bargain price, connected it up and it seems to be working, the only thing is the vendor has sent just the DSI and cable no box no autostar suite etc. Is there any way I can find out which model it is ? Thanks
  9. I've just been browsing what is on offer and there are certainly a lot of tempting subjects on offer as well as astronomy. Looks like my evenings are going to be even fuller Thanks for the heads up.
  10. At this time in the alps near Geneva it's raining and has been for 4 days. Not a happy bunny.
  11. Leo 54 & Algieba are good. This site has some fantastic double star lists. Eagle Creek Observatory -- Double Star Listings for Ursa Major, the Great Bear Double chasing is great fun.
  12. Orange, not as outrageous as purple not as boring as red. Mind you I like purple.....
  13. Maybe optcorp.com ? They seem to have them all available or failing that direct from ES. The terrible thing is I have the 6.7, 8.8, 11, 14 & 18 but can hear the call of the 24 & 30mm on the wind. Tell me will this wide angle eyepiece obession ever end ?
  14. The 70°s seem to be quite difficult to get hold of and were supplied as 'standard' eyepieces with certain scopes. The 68° are basically Meade 5000 plossls with nitrogen purging and slightly different coatings (but I could be wrong) and can be found at a very reasonable price, not tried them but people seem happy with them on CN. Just seen the 82° 6.7 at optcorp for $119 + shipping
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