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Finder for Megrez 72

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As you'll see from my signature, I have a WO Megrez 72. I'm now looking to get a finder for it. I've narrowed the choice down to:

WO 6x30 finderscope - £109.99 from Ian King

Rigel QuikFinder Compact Reflex Sight £34.00 from FLO

Telrad finder £39.80 from Modern Astronomy

It seems to me, from reading this and other forums that the Rigel/Telrad are the ones to choose from. I've read an online review where they appear to be fairly comparable, with the Rigel being approx £5 cheaper.

My main question is this: Will either/both the Telrad and Rigel fit onto a WO Megrez 72 without modification?

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Thanks! Skys The Limit has just been bookmarked! :) Another suuplier for me to consider.

I know it's all rather subjective as to which finder is the "best" but what's the general consensus of opinion with regards to the RDFs mentioned?

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If you star hop in a more technical manner then those with rings marked a x degree offsets are certainly the best to go for but for me, who just looks at stellarium and points my scope in the same general direction the MRFs and Baader one are fine.

The Rigel is pretty much a Telrad without the bulk so suited to more compact scopes.

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Personally I was not that impressed with the telrads circles as they just got in the way. I would rather just have a small red dot to aim and then star hop using my widest EP (36mm) as a 14x finder to locate the object.

However finders are a very personal thing.

Im likely to get shot down for that statement :)

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Based on the brochure that comes with the megrez showing a WO red rdf finder I went for one of those from Skys The Limit. It included everything to fit on the megrez, and I think that included the screw for the megrez.

I grabbed a similar one rdf from astroboot cheap, but without the shoe & mini-dovetail part. This will go on my Celestron C6 when I can get the right screw to secure the shoe - I got the shoe & dovetail from Skys the Limit for a tenner.

There seems to be a few of the finders around without the bracket and the only place I found them was Skys The Limit.

Sorry seem to be pushing the company lately:icon_scratch:

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