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I'm lookng to buy another Barlow. I already have a X2 and x5 both of which are great for visual but the X5 doesnt work with the SPC900, I'm guessing the conbined mag is above my scope!

Anyway so I was thinking of a X3 but then say X4 and there are loads of each.


Anyone care to share their experiences?



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For an f10 scope 4x or 5x are OTT. 3x is an option though you could pull the webcam adapter further out from the focuser to achieve 2.5 or 3x magnification. The 3x Tal is a great barlow though last I heard they were out of stock. 3x televue are great too though more expensive.

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Your scope is f/10 and the "normal" range for planets is usually considered to be f/20 to f/30. A "2x" barlow "doubles" the focal length of the scope so would give you f/20. A 3x barlow would give f/30.

Any more than that and the image will be too dim to use a webcam anyway - even if you could fit the image on the chip.

I would stick with the x2 or x3 and concentrate on the best quality images you can with them - you can always view the final image a "bit bigger" if you wish!

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Thanks Stuart.

I have my webcam in and old x2 tube (no lense) which then goes in side the X2 with lense so I'm guessing that I'm getting close to 2.5 or even 3 so maybe this is an unneccessary purchase for the moment.

Thanks thats saved me a few pennies :-)


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