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solar filter and other questions.

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Hi all,

I was just wondering , are there different solar filters which show different spectrums so you can see different "things" happening on the big light in the sky, Also what times are best to look at the sun or do you get different effects at different times. And last question, what is the best solar filter to use on my skywatcher 150p.


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There's white light solar viewing - Baader Solar film recommend.

Everything else requires very sophisticated and expensive narrow band filters (etalons)

H alpha wavelength can be viewed with the Coronado/ Lunt solar scopes.

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thanks Guys, So just to clarify as Im Very new to solar viewing well basically I aint done any, I get some solar film, make a round "frame" stick it on and thats it, I presume I only need to make it big enough for the cap on the telescope cover and not the whole cover.


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