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  1. Once again thank you, I didn't realise id got so much stuff, I even found a QHY8 camera that I remember buying, It's never been used. 2 yr old hope it still works Lol. the Neq6 still works fine, and to see Venus and Jupiter again the other night was inspiring once more, pity I've missed the best of the dark winter nights and my favourite Nebula in Orion, only because it was the first I ever captured ok with my old QHY5, But once more Thanks guys and girls. Kev
  2. Hi all. I've not been on for a couple of years. Lost my wifeto cancer and lost interest in almost everything. But had the scope out the other night. And enjoyed getting to grips with it. TThere's so much I have to re learn. So onwards and upwards.
  3. I still enjoyed my first night viewing for a long time and had some cracking views of Jupiter and the Moon. even M42 and M45 wasn't washed out too much.
  4. The time was what I put in this morning while trying to figure it out. Thanks guys for your help, I knew it must have been me and not the machine. Damn you technology Lol
  5. that might be it then, I knew it must have been me doing something wrong. Just tried it and yes that's better. I'm a bit like Einsteins Fish this morning Lol. Thanks. Kev.
  6. Sorry that should be 002'06'W that was on the forum only.
  7. Hi guys, Last night was the first night out with my scope in about 9 months, I lost interest in everything after losing my wife in 2012. I set everything up as normal, Date, time, position etc, however when it come to aligning the mount with 1,2 or 3 star alignment, the mount wasn't pointed anywhere near the object required, Using the keypad I moved the mount to the required star to get the message "Warning 45' out" Can anyone help. Settings are as follows location 002'06'W 52'31'N time zone +00:00 date 12/01/2014 time 11:32:00 am daylight saving Yes Polaris HA=12:33 Clock =11:43 I have just set up the mount in the house and done everything again and using stellarium to roughly judge star position it's still doing the same. Thanks in advance Kev.
  8. Hi All, I am about to have my obsy built, just need to know which castors any of you have used, I have seen lots and lots of them, I think the rubber wheeled ones would be better and they can carry up to 40kg each, I will need about 8 per side on my obsy making 16 in total and a total weight of 640kg, is this overkill? I know the roof isnt going to weight that much but I bet its going to be up to close on 200kg. Thanks in advance Kev.
  9. Thanks guys, I worked it out by setting tripod up and measuring that, It will be for mainly imaging and less so for visual, I have a 250pds Reflector so the top of the scope in the home position its quite high about 6' when the tripod is at its minimum height which is 27" from floor to base of NEQ6. It will be going into a 16x10 observatory which I (well the builders) have already started work on. Thanks again guys.
  10. Hi all, Just a quick one, How high should a telescope pier be, I can have one made at work using some 8" dia shedule 40 steel gas pipe and a couple of flanges drilled and tapped to make the sub concrete fixings and the pier top adapter but how high should it be ? Thanks, Kev.
  11. Hi all, I am on my first night out with my new QHY8L but ccd cap software keeps shouting out of memory error, can anyone shed any light on this, Im not even taking any subs yet, just previewing. Kev.
  12. Thanks, replied to you rmessage without reading this, I'll send Lamb an email and see what reply I get back. I hope this doesnt put anyone else off using alexanders this isnt my intention but I do think they are letting themselves down a bit and lets face it this is a small environment wher people will take note. Kev.
  13. Hi all, not been on for a while, but can anyone suggest another comapny that makes a similar obsy to alexanders, I have been trying to contact them for over two weeks to order an obsy but getting no reply from phone or email and am now thinking that if thats the customer seervice then is it worth ordering from them. So if anyone knows of any other companies please let me know. Kev.
  14. Thank you guys for your support, Its good to hear from someone who has an alexanders obsy, I dont want to go down the road of desinging and then finding a joiner from the point of view that if i end up with a poor joiner then i end up with a poor obsy, I do like alexanders, I'll have to speak to them as I know there was a 10 week delay when i spoke to them in july and with the christmas holiday then can see that going up to 12-15 weeks easily. Still the universe isnt going anywhere hopefully. Thanks guys, Kev.
  15. Hello all, I've not been on for a few months due to losing my wife to cancer in August, I havent been interested in taking scope out for obvious reasons but now feel i need to carry on where I left off, which was looking for an observatory, my wife and I were talking about it before she passed away and now im ready to order one, I've looked at alexanders observatories and like the 16'x10' with 6' warm room but was wandering if anyone else makes them, I dont want a dome as I like the idea of the flat roof and the warm room, The flat roof doesn't shout "hey theives I got astronomical equiptment in me" SO basically need other manufacturers in or around the midlands. or has anyone in my local area got an alexanders obsy that they can comment on and maybe I could take a look at. Kev.
  16. Hi, its not realy the images im unhappy with its the camera itself, little problems like the viewfinder is completely frosted, which, during daytime terrestrial imaging using the lenses its fine but trying to focus on a star or even nebula is so time consuming having to take an exposure then check it out and using the lcd screen which is only 1.5" square isnt that easy. And I know some of the newer DSLR's do have live view ability when connected to a laptop. Kev.
  17. Ok mor or less as it says above, Now I already have a 6mp dslr and have taken some half decent pics but am not completely happy so am interested in going better question is :- would a better quality dslr like a 16mp canon or equivalent be a better buy than something like a QHY8? The dslr is definately cheaper but would I be kicking myself later thinking I should have gone dedicated astro camera? Kev.
  18. Thanks, Thats nothing for me to worry about then, I got a 10" newt so not going down the mak route for some time to come. Kev.
  19. Hi all, I've been looking into wether or not to buy a better quality DSLR or go dedicated astronomy camera, And have been looking at the QHY series of cameras from QHY8L to QHY10 I can understand most of the jargon like pixel size S/N ratio but what is Hyper star Imaging? Kev.
  20. Hi all, while browsing for images of galxies nebulas etc, I found this website, over 650 pages of images, must have taken forever to upload. http://aladin.u-strasbg.fr/simbad-thumbnails/thumbnails1.html Kev.
  21. Distance is relative - as my wife said to me the first time I took my scope out - "why don't you move it up the garden ? you'll be closer" Kev.
  22. Simple answer is - very very accurate, most goto mounts, and software like stellarium & cartes du ceil are exceptional. even phones have aps that show a very good accuracy. It all depends on the information which is inputed into the aplications, the more accurat thngs like longitude and latitude and time and date etc the better they get. hope this helps. Kev.
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