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  1. thanks have a great xmass and new year
  2. LET THE PREP BEGIN Hi every one just a update have cut the roof of the shed in the snow which was a little wild tried to attach the metal runners there but to no avail the snow beet me to it ,the other down side was "feet in first again" i never took the length and turning circle of the scope in to consideration befor hand this may be a prob some were a long the way when try in to to point in different ways we shall see,still no joy with the delivery dates of yet but have had a phone call daily to update me about the progress of the order which is quite good of them,the other thing on my mind is they told me that the mirror comes in a separate box due to the size and posible break if it was attached to the scope this scares me a bit because just getting it set up is going to be crazy never mind try in to get it set up ect all aligned and every thing (grrrrrr) the mind boggles with ithave been reading in books for months and weeks try in find every thing in the skies but due to clouds this as stopped me once again but a can look up and see a few constellation a now recognize that side is going well erm no go to gadget either this will be hard a see declination agles ect time and secs a understand how it works but have no way to measure this may be buy a compass and some sort of gadget to measure the north south bit out the bigest thing a think will be the colamination of the thing this is the biggest probs a have todate a think a can read about it till am blue in the face but untill its in front of me a think that theres no point watching videos ect on how to do thisany way this is the first of many of how am getting on so far thanks pat time and patient s
  3. thanks can not wait till it gets here the snow my foil the courier
  4. yes a read so much in the forums and every one starts of small and gets bigger scopes so a thought may as well go straight for what a want , and then would not be upgrade in latter on looking forward to it coming the only bit that worries me is, fitting the Parabolic Mirror and then try in to collimat it and is in the process of cutting the shed roof of if the snow does not beat me thanks pat
  5. thanks to all thats welcomed me hope every one as a great xmass and a great new year
  6. nice i have got a 12" dob come in for xmass these pics are great
  7. HI and thanks for the warm welcome this is what a ordered in the end 1 x Sky-Watcher SKYLINER-300P 300mm (12") f/1500 Parabolic Dobsonian 1 x Astro Engineering AC656 Colli-Mate Deluxe eyepiece for collimating Newtonian and other telescopes 1 x GSO 8 part Photo-Visual eyepiece and accessory kit by GSO 1xbarlow hahahha all the gear no idea springs to mind a old forces quip, but any way hope to get a decent camera in the new year and maybe look into that side of it as well a seen a astro society about 20 miles away from my location a will get down there to the 7th jan stargazers party and see how its done but a think tips answer and help may well come from here thanks all again and please be patient with me cos a bet ya have heard all my gripes moans and groans from a million newbies thanks pat
  8. Hi to every one just like all of you a look up at night and the mind boggles at what is there and want to no more,well i`ve already made my first mistake ,jumping in feet firtst seems to be my nature a think,just sent ordered a SKYLINER-300P 300mm (12") f/1500 Parabolic Dobsonian,,,AC656 Colli-Mate Deluxe eyepiece for collimating Newtonian and other telescopes,,,,,,8 part Photo-Visual eyepiece and accessory kit by GSO,,,and barlow s,,any way its no big deal if a elses files they will make good dust collectors so all i want to look at is a few plnets ,but my main interest are dso`s have a made the right choice to vie these or i there bit of overkill on my side?,not sure a will link some video host site to my profile so you can see al my goings on at some point once again hi to all and please be patient with the new gu as a may make the mistakes every one as at some point and ask the questions you have all heard of the new guy a million times over have a great Christmas a now mine will be
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