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  1. I've got index files 4208 - 4215 According to Stellarium my field of view is 6º 43' x 4º 29' @ 200mm focal length, 2º 41' x 1º 47' @ 500mm. I'm using a DSLR with 200-500mm camera lens.
  2. Is there anyone with experience of getting plate solving working with Cloudmakers AstroDSLR? I'm using ADSLR on Mac to control my cameras. The program has a plate solving option which integrates with Astrometry.net. I have Astrometry installed and have downloaded the files I believe are required for my focal length. The program runs but fails every time. Anyone have any experience they can bring to bear please? The tutorial videos on the cloudmakers website aren't very informative.
  3. LOL, Still trying to get to 25 posts so I can get access to the classifieds back. Difficult as I don't have a lot to say
  4. BobJC


    Hello and welcome. You'll get loads of good advice here.
  5. BobJC


    Hello and welcome
  6. Hello from Staffs. Enjoy
  7. Have you had chance to use it yet? I have a modded 600D and am considering the L-ENhance. It looks like this should deal with artificial light sources AND enhance nebulosity. If I'm reading this right!
  8. Hi, Is your 600D astro modded? Just had mine done (Just the second filter removal) and was considering the L-ENhance clip in filter. Would you recommend?
  9. Is Sky Safari similar to Stellarium?
  10. Damn it you're right Based in Staffs and sure enough, I can see stars. 'Good To Stargaze' says conditions will be good between 10 & 11 I tend now to wait until the BBC, CO and GTS all reasonably agree with each other.
  11. When I get a go to mount I suppose I'll have these problems. Till then its just the red dot sight (should be about there) method. Sorry, not helpful I know
  12. Update - I have found an option in the Affinity Photo stacking process to use the Master Flat for white balance calibration. This seems to remove most of the red cast in the earlier stack
  13. Hi Martin, I'm working on Mac and have been doing everything in Affinity Photo. I've just tried Siril for my latest heart Nebula shot and this produced a much better result in the colour calibration. May try this method in future. I do find that having come away from Windows some years ago does seem to restrict my options with this hobby.
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