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  1. Theres been cloud cover here in south shropshire last 3 nights,and forcast said would clear saturday,no sign yet very dissapointed,was hopeing to see comet hartley pass by perseus double cluster.
  2. hello and welcome from the longmynd hills of shropshire.
  3. i no the feeling had my telescope about a month,this lastweekend was the best so far,but last couple nights total cloud and mist it shows the orange glow from light pollution very well,i just hope the weekend comes clear but no doubt cold.
  4. were can i find photos of dso useing canon cameras standard and modifyed?
  5. thanks for the help brantuk,i look foward to your first deep space image.thats if we ever have clear skys again lol.
  6. Thanks for the help.Steve what does the mod do to the canon 1000?
  7. hi,i am looking to going into dso photography,and see many members have got canon eos dsl cameras,i was looking at the canon eos 350d which is rougthly within my credit limit and see they rougthly go for about £200 on ebay,if you have this camera how do you find it for deep space imageing? and also do i need lenses or just purchase the body to use with scope via t ring,would be very greatful for advice on this subject.
  8. Had a goodnight stargazeing and trying my new eyepieces out good views of the moon,that is one mighty big impact crater on the outer edge,good views of jupiter again and also managed to see the very faint image of m31 in andromeda and m32 hopefully be lot better once moons brightness goes away,been out 2half hours,the clouds started rolling in once again,so packed up,and because my knees have frooze,oooh its going be cold in winter,weres mi thermals,lol
  9. well the good old british weather not so good of late,its raining at mo:cry: no sign of clearing,o well i got my copy of sky at night.
  10. hi all,at last ive got myself a hobbie something that has always interested me since a kid looking up into the night sky and looking at the bright stars,catching a meteorite flash buy,and of course being amazed at the moon,and always staying up late to watch the sky at night with patrick moore,well ive made a start ive bought a celestron cpc 800 telescope,got a celestron e-lux 40mm plossl a x-cel 10mm and a moon filter also ordered a 2x ultma barlow,ive seen great detail in the moon,and seen jupiter and its moons,now looking to get a ccd camera as i didnt realize that is only way to see nebula is buy long exsposure,am i right in thinking that?well i hope for clear skys as of late been poor,happy star gazing redfox.
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