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  1. Thanks very much fellas!
  2. Thanks for the comment!
  3. Gassendi - After some atrocious weather on the night of the 24th the weather cleared up and the atmosphere and seeing seemed repetitively stable. As with my other lunar nemesis Archimedes, i've never had great enough seeing or timing to capture it with any decency. Though still it defeats me, this Gassendi i'm half pleased with. Gassendi is a large lunar crater feature located at the northern edge of Mare Humorum. The formation has been inundated by lava during the formation of the mare, so only the rim and the multiple central peaks remain above the surface. The outer rim is worn and eroded, although it retains a generally circular form. A smaller crater Gassendi A intrudes into the northern rim, and joins a rough uplift at the northwest part of the floor. The crater pair bears a curious resemblance to a diamond ring. In the southern part of the crater floor is a semi-circular ridge-like formation that is concentric with the outer rim. It is in the southern part where the rim dips down to its lowest portion, and a gap appears at the most southern point. The rim varies in height from as little as 200 meters to as high as 2.5 kilometers above the surface. The floor has numerous hummocks and rough spots. There is also a system of rilles that criss-cross the floor, named the Rimae Gassendi. C11/ASI120MM/Red Filter Astrobin full version: http://www.astrobin.com/222220/
  4. Thank you ver much, all of you. It's a challenging target but sometimes you just get lucky!
  5. I focus by hand and nothing else believe it or not! I don't have an auto focuser - all by the focus wheel =) Nope not guiding or tracking unless you could the NEQ6 tracking computer only!
  6. Hi steve, about 25f/l with a 2.5x powermate!
  7. Hello Kokatha - thanks for the compliment! In the second image there is also, from what i can see, a large mass on the south polar region (especially seen in the astrobin version). An interesting feature.
  8. Hi guys, it's been a while since i've been active here but i thought i'd share some of my recent lunar images from the last 6 months or so in a small collection of pictures! All images taken with a C11 - ASI120MM (mono) and astronomik red filters usually red.
  9. I've not posted here in quite a white but decided to place some recent images up; here one of Uranus at opposition. Uranus is a bit of a beast to image and requires patience and good seeing. Luckily i was able to keep both for my imaging run! 3 images taken over the period of about 3 hours between sporadic clouds. Bright polar quite visible in the first two runs, washed out by worsening seeing in the early hours of the 15th in the 3rd image.C11/ASI120MM/IR685nm.http://www.astrobin.com/full/220109/0/
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