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  1. I thought I might hypertune my EQ6 mount , following AstroBaby’s procedure and came up with some very odd results. Basically AB’s process is to take four measurements which result in the thickness of the shin needed to get worm and gear centred. When I did the measurements I got a negative result I.e. the required shim would go between the main body of the mount and the worm gear Holding face plate. Has anyone seen such results? Seems odd to me.
  2. Yes. I almost bought a QHY10 so did come across this ability in the reading I did. The SXVR-M26c came along at a bargain price so I opted to but it and was very surprised to find no gain or offset adjustment. Thought I must be missing something.
  3. Hi everybody, irecently purchased a SXVR-M26C and am having a hard time getting decent images from it I don’t know if it’s tge capture or processing ( or both) where I’m going wrong but I have loads of questions that someone out thee may have the answer to: 1. I can’t seem to find any control settings for gain and offset - not in SX’s own software nor SGP or Nebulosity. Consequently gain and offset are both zero. Is this right? There is no control? 2. Stacking in DSS results in images with almost no colour. I have worked out the Bayer matrix pattern -daytime
  4. Hi. I would appreciate some advice on collimating an OO VX10.. Recently purchase secondhand when I took off the fan cover to collimate the beast ( my old scope was a 150mm F/5 newt) I noticed that, going by the pictures on OO site, the three hex headed bolts on the outside of the knurl headed bolts are missing. I have two questions about these missing bolts. Does anyone know the length and diameter of these - so I can replace them - and are they the tensioning ( my guess : yes) or adjusting bolts? In advance , thanks
  5. I've used a Revalation 0.5 reducer on my QHY5-II/Skywatcher 150mm f4 reflector and found it OK. For FOV with various cameras/eyepieces I use the 12dstrings web site - a good tool
  6. Not sure that the last bit is true - its is true that an Windows OS cannot be legally transferred from one computer to another but selling the computer with OS is OK
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