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  1. I should moan about the weather more often. Been terrible all day but just now I've been treated to the most transparent and steady summer sky I've ever experienced over our back yard in July. I could see M31 with the naked eye even though it was still quite low in the east. Similarly I could see M33 through my big bins but hand held. Vega, Altair and Deneb were so bright that the summer triangle looked 3d. I'm pretty sure that bins and averted vision allowed me to spot the tiny blur of M57 in Lyra. Could also see M71 in Sagittarius and M27 in Vulpecula. Along the way I picked up nice views of the big two globular clusters in Hercules, the Coathanger and the double cluster in Perseus.

    In my bins I could follow the Milky Way right down to the rooftops on our southern boundary. Generally interesting fuzziness in this area of the sky just disappears into the murk and light pollution but not tonight, I could easily pick out all the Messiers  down through Scutum  and Ophiuchus until the roof tops met Sagittarius.

    Finished off a rewarding 35 minutes with a nice meteor and several bright satellites.

    No telescope action and no photography but what a great, if breathtakingly short, night of old fashioned stargazing.

    Hope you all enjoyed some clear skies where ever you are.

    Night night from George happy in bed Lowestoft.

    1. Littleguy80


      I saw a cracking meteor in the region of Aquarius last night. Briefly thought it was a firework as it was so bright 

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