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  1. Hi all, Having just started out with my telescope (and still awaiting some decent clear skies for a decent play!), I wanted to find a sensible dust cover, come protective rain/shower cover, for storage inside while not being used, and as an emergency cover-up when outside. In particular, I wanted a suitable dust cover for indoors. I found all the usual expensive options, plus a lot of recommendations, but none for me seemed to fit the bill, though I am sure there are others out there. However, being a boaty kind of person, I have used over the past few years the "Ducksback" outboard engine covers during winter storage. These, as it happens, are the ideal thing, and after checking out the sizes, the Size 5 80 to 150HP outboard engine size cover is just perfect for a Skywatcher Skyhawk 500mm 1145P! And it costs just £11.80! Here are the details if it helps anyone else... To quote, they are "waterproof, UV resistant, breathable,300 denier 6oz polyester material, drawstring closure with toggle fastening for easy fit". They come in a range of sizes, and without wishing to be seen as advertising them, I don't think they have cottoned on to these covers being great for telescopes yet! The full range (in either silver or blue), covers dimensions for all sizes 1 to 7 (length 90cm x width 60cm x height 80cm). They are floppy and easily accommodate strange telescope shapes. You can check them out or buy at: https://ducksback.co.uk/?product=outboard-engine-cowl-cover-silver Or buy easily on eBay as I did. Hope helps, Clive
  2. Thanks Barkis, the Black Pig laid up for the winter now! Still looking for me treasure!
  3. Thanks everyone for the welcoming comments. With the current weather outside, I don't quite understand why I have just this past few minutes ordered my telescope - still stuck with the Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145P but have added 6mm Celestron Omni Plossl, which with the included 2x Barlow, gives me a good range of eyepiece/mags (with the included standard 10mm and 25mm eyepices) and I can hopefully start to see the benefits of Plossls. Great info on the Eyepieces thread started by Warthog that has helped a lot too. I am suspecting that I may be looking at upgrading the 2x Barlow to a better quality one sometime soon, but I shall play a while first. Also the EQ1 RA Motor Drive on the wish list, but I want to get familiar with manual setup and use before anything else. Astrophotography not an issue for me at present as viewing and just learning is the main priority. If the skies clear anytime soon that is!
  4. Thanks Warthog and everyone contributing to this post /topic - you could make a text book out of this lot! Valuable stuff to a beginner like me.
  5. Thanks Knight of Clear Skies and well done with the application. Proper Bodmin Moor Mucky down here today though!
  6. Hi all, just joined and about to buy first telescope, most likely a Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145P plus extra planetary eyepiece. Very fortunate to live on edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall which has just achieved Dark Sky status, so looking forward, and hopefully upward, very soon. Where's my Towel? 149,999 to go!
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