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  1. If shipping is potentially possible, I'll be making an offer as well.
  2. Very interested, but too far away to collect!
  3. I used to use a SW 150pds and had a few exactly the same donuts without the use of a coma corrector. Later I found out the reason is because the shift of focus, mainly due to insufficient cooling. I used a Bahtinov for helping focus as well. I can see from the sub frames that the focus of the first image is spot on, and the second one shows slightly more blurred stars, the 3rd, the 4th I can see the donut started to grow larger and larger. After this experience I made sure I left the OTA outside for at least 20min before focusing with Bahtinov and this never happened to me again. Also make sure the focuser is locked in place and not slipping.
  4. I've got some spare adaptors that I no longer use. £15 each including delivery. - skywatcher 2" eyepiece adaptor (2 available) - Celestron universal 1.25" T Adaptor
  5. I'm selling an AstroEQ box which is capable of converting any equatorial mount into a goto mount, with a laptop and EQMOD, instead of expensive synscan system it similar. It's fully working and the following are included together with the box. - mains to 12V supply - cables for dual axis motor control - communication cable between AstroEQ module and laptop USB The module was used on a non goto EQ5 mount. I'm selling as I own a HEQ5 mount and this seems redundant. I'm looking at £75 delivered. But I'm not quite sure how to price as there isn't a lot information, so I'm open to sensible offers. Thank you.
  6. I came across a Bresser Catadioptric OTA and the label says it is 150mm and F10. It looks like one of the older versions of Bresser, as it has blue paint on the surface and is one of the "blue line" models. Also unlike the normal maksutov with focus knobs, the OTA has a focuser like a refractor. I couldn't seem to find a lot information about this telescope. I'm thinking of using it for planet imaging on a EQ5 mount, would it be a good scope for it? Sorry I don't have any photos yet, I haven't bought the scope at the moment. Thanks.
  7. I'm using Heq5 pro mount and I found that the latitude bolts (especially the lower one) can be quite difficult to turn. I was thinking replacing the bolts with M10 socket cap screws of similar length so that I can use Allen key to adjust the latitude and supposedly I'll make the process easier with the longer torque arm. Has anyone done such modifications? Is it a viable option? Thanks.
  8. I have a spare Celestron erect image diagonal, PM sent.
  9. I'm selling a Bresser achromatic refractor D102mm F1000mm. It seems to be an older model, but the condition is great. The lens is free from scratches, although there are some scuff marks on the OTA surface. I bought it second hand a while ago but it is not getting used too much as I'm mainly using another refractor for astrophotography and use this Bresser occasionally for visual. Tube rings, dovetail bar, 2" to 1.25" adaptor and a 9x15 finder bracket are included. One of the finder bracket screw is missing a spring, but should be an easy fix. Asking for £120 delivered.
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