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  1. I think many of the guys on here...(married ones that is)..find creative solutions to this problem Not sure if the lady astronomers on here have to cope with the same issues...but I guess they do too. Oh...and welcome on board.. Steve
  2. I should have asked also.....does it appear in any flats you take?
  3. Are you using an OAG? If so...and its quite common (at least for me!) is the OAG prism is impinging on the optical path to such a degree that it's preventing full illumination of the sensor. This would necessitate moving the prism further out of the optical path. Steve
  4. Dave is right...lots of returning childhood astronomers around here.....have fun. and of course welcome aboard? Steve
  5. Hi there...a warm welcome to the lounge. Steve
  6. Hi... A warm welcome to the lounge. Steve
  7. SteveA


    Firstly welcome aboard.... Don't pancic....it's all a bit confusing to start with but you'll be surprised how quickly you start to pick it up. Try and read as much as you can about the various types of telescopes and maybe watch some YouTube videos...You'll soon be an expert? Steve
  8. Sadly not! its not uncommon to see this sort of issue with Newtonians and DSLR's where the telescope has been designed principally for visual use. I would suggest reviewing the way you have the camera attached to the focus tube, is there any way with alternative components to reduce the distance between the camera and the focuser? Steve
  9. Relaxing? Maybe not ever, but it can be very rewarding and leave you with a sense of achievment. It's not always an easy hobby, in fact at times it can be hard and frustrating and out of that comes a sense of achievment. As others have mentioned it can be an up hill struggle, coping with the weather and the other commitments in your life. I am pretty much in awe of some observers who seem to manage about 8 hours observing/imaging a night 7 nights a week! Okay maybe a slight exaggeration I know, but I never feel I ever manage to get in enough time on this hobby. I used to beat myself up a bit about it and if ever a clear night presented it's self and Incouldn't get out or maybe just didn't fancy it for what ever reason I was always left with a slight sense of guilt. I'm less tough on myself these days and as has been said, it's a hobby, its supposed to be fun, but it's not the be all and end all. As Pete mentioned, having an interest in all aspects of astronomy helps fill the gaps when you can't for what ever reason do the actual practical stuff. Having said all that....come the nice warm summers evenings (okay I know there's not so many hours of darkness?)....it's so much more a relaxing hobby than it is at the moment with the freezing weather....so in this respect...roll on summer! Steve
  10. Really....I had no idea! Thanks for the heads up, I'll be sure to check that out...? Cheers...Steve
  11. I guess that in a world where everything has a habit of spontaneously going out of alignment for some strange reason, you should also recalibrate/colimate your polar scope. I've not checked this on my mount since I last had the mount in pieces and generally I can't find any fixed terrestrial objects far enough away in order to do this so I don't ever use the polar scope now. Steve
  12. Interesting story...I'm having a similar issue myself and just forked out £10 for the SharpCap Pro licence which has the polar alignment routine. I've a bit of a problem using the PHD routine as my horizons are not particularly accessible. On checking with SharpCap, it told me my PA error was fair at around 6'. After quite a while.... I managed to get it down to 1', which seems about the best I can achieve...though I may try again this weekend. Of course the proof of the pudding and all that....I did't actually have any time left for any imaging so not sure if this has had a positive or negative effect on my guiding. Steve
  13. Certainly can see some dec backlash as Ken mentioned. However...just wanted to ask you how your set up has changed? Clearly this is an issue potentially introduced by new kit and that may well hold the key to the cause of your degraded guiding performance. Next outing, try longer exposures which might smooth out some of the effects of less than optimal seeing. Steve
  14. Pretty close I would say....of course it depends upon the severity of your OCD! Steve
  15. That's good news......I have to say, that being an eternal pessimist I always suspect the worst, but as far as I recollect I have never seen a grid like that from any of the cameras I've used, I've seen plenty of other weird stuff mind you, but not that. Anyway looks like its not such a serious issue...good luck Steve
  16. Hi Steve, I'm not sure I can offer any helpful advice here, Linux isn't my forte?, so apologies if these points are a bit obvious... Not sure if this is a new configuration for you, but if ever I am having problems like this I tend to do any testing at my desk during daylight. Okay you aren't necessarily going to get any sensible images, but when it's questionable that the camera isn't actually doing anything I would be looking to,see if it can at least sense changing light levels. Does the gamma slider in PHD2 make any difference? Do you have any other imaging apps that you could test out to see if the camera is working? Steve
  17. Carole...I've got the original QHY5 as well.....if you ever need one I could do you a good deal ! Steve
  18. For what its worth on the issue of the ST4 port, the QHY5III uses a LEMO socket. As I pulse guide I've not had to use this, but it "looks" very substantial and they supply an ST4 cable with the correct connector.. Steve
  19. I used some 12 V figure of eight cable from Maplins (black & red sheath) for most of my wiring setup. It does become a bit rigid in the cold weather mind and if I was doing it again (which I almost inevitably will at some point) I'll probably go for the silicon cable. The one I used was rated at 6A https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/twin-core-6a-figure-8-cable-priced-per-metre-xs70m but they do a 20A version...maybe overkill I guess Steve
  20. Very impressive... I've never even tried imaging the Sun, but the more I think about it, the more attractive a proposition it seems. I particularly like the idea of recording what are essentially transient and unique events. Astronomy during the day time appeals on all sorts of levels Thanks for posting Steve
  21. I know....I do actually wonder at times whether astronomy is the main cause of my OCD and indeed if all of us on here suffer with it? Steve
  22. I must admit I struggled with QHY5II. I found it excessively noisy and was plagued with horizontal banding. Maybe it was just the unit I had but I was never happy with it. Pushed by my wife for an idea for a Christmas present last year, that wasn't going to break the bank, I decided on a QHY5-III 178 Mono. I was slightly apprehensive as the pixel size is small, only 2.4 um, but having over the last few weeks managed to test this out it is proving to be excellent. Its very sensitive and little in the way of noise as far as I can see so far. Steve
  23. I regularly re-check mine and nearly always find it has moved off station, not by much, but suffering with OCD it drives me mad (madder)...its a damn nuisance at times. Steve
  24. There's always going to be a difference in the image scale between the imaging camera and guide camera even when using an OAG and this doesn't normally present any particular issues when guiding. Clearly there are general guidelines regarding the ratio of these two, I seem to remember a ratio of 4:1 being mentioned somewhere. If you are happy there being a difference when guiding I don't see why recording PEC should be contentious. I dare say if you recorded PEC data through your main camera there would possibly be small differences with that recorded through the guide camera. The PEC data is massaged by a whole set of filters and transformations in order to extract a mathematical model that can then be applied to the tracking, I assume that after this the two models would be pretty similar....but I'm no expert here, maybe someone else has a better handle on this? Steve
  25. This is an excellent helper video....
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