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  1. Thanks! I am doing something similar! Cheers, Marc
  2. Hi AstroFriends! I am new to astrophotography... I am curious to know how you "named" your images files... Let's say you start with a Autosave.fts from DSS... So once you start the file "treatment's" in PI, PS or Gimp, how do you name them afterward to be able to follow the various treatment steps of the image and be able to identify that a few days/months later? Hope, my writing is not to bad, so you will understand Merci from Québec! Marc
  3. Hi @callisto you are right... I am closed to 4kg. I am planning to replace the mount next summer... I will take shorter exposer Cheers, Marc
  4. Hi All! Hi Francis (fwm891). Thank for your very well detail post. I recently bought myself a WO ZS73 and your comment and review helped me to confirm my choice. As you previous mount, I have a Star Adventurer pro. Since I solidified the wedge (added a chim in the alt gear), my setup is more stable. I also image with a Nikon D5100. But, I am curious to know if you can give me some advices on how to use/optimize my new refractor and my current setup. Did you had issue with cleaning your lens? Did you do any maintenance on your WO ZS73? Etc. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Marc
  5. Hi! Are you using an external battery to power it up? I have a Star Adventurer pro and if I only connect the mount to the powerbank (10000mha) it will shut down because the mount does not use enough power to be detected by the battery. So in my case, I connect the dewheather and the mount or my dummy Nikon battery and the mount to the powerbank. Hope it will help. Clear sky. Marc
  6. AstroM1


    Welcome to the Lounge! And cheers from Montréal, Québec! Clear skies! Marc
  7. Andromeda Galaxy Group Nikon D5100 -- Nikkor 70-300 at 200mm 60x30 sec + DOF Star Adventurer

    © AstroM1

  8. AstroM1

    M42 Orion Nebula

    Nikon D5100 + WO ZS73 II Star Adventurer Pro 150 x 30 sec + DOF

    © AstroM1

  9. Hi AstroFriends! Just a quick "Bonjour" from Québec! I am new to the Forum! Best wishes for the new year! (and lot of cloud free night!) Cheers, Marc
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