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  1. @kens thanks for chiming in there my knowledge on this is very limited at the mo, also if I'm not mistaken the gpusb shouldn't be wired in to anything I thought it was a plug and play device so to speak male usb one end and ST4 port on the box
  2. My apologies just re-read your first post I was thinking eq3-2 for some reason, gpusb is your interface to connect laptop to autoguide port on the mount I would think for phd2 to do guide corrections. I may well be wrong I'm pretty new to fiddling with mounts myself.
  3. To do what your saying above would need a dedicated Guide cam with st4 port
  4. This may explain more for your current set up
  5. Wow thats nice thatdefinitely click and zoom in people
  6. Paul779

    Hi All

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone
  7. Wow that is tricky sounds like you ve found a way round the issue though
  8. Its definitly in the right area you ll need to experiment a bit to find whats ideal for your set up go higher go lower see what gives you the best results.
  9. Im very new to AP myself and all my imaging is unguided and i ve found spending more time polar aligning getting it as spot on as i can has resulted in far less star trailing issues
  10. Good effort that a lower F number would help with gathering more light and definitely more light frames.
  11. Hmmmm thats odd what version of DSS are you you using as CR2 s work fine for me
  12. Paul779

    Hi All

    Hi everyone Been lurking for a bit its about time i said Hi. I ve been having ago at astrophotography for a few months now..... It all started back in the summer after stumbling across a video on Youtube (Astrobiscuits Budget Astrophotography with a DSLR). I was intrigued by whats up there that we cant see fully with the naked eye. So here i am a few hundred quid lighter trying to do this on some sort of budget,it can be done but its not easy. I already had a DSLR Sony A200 unmodded. I managed to get hold of a Skywatcher ED80 Pro Series(gold tube) relatively cheaply,and then fou
  13. Hi all New to the astrophotography game. Looking to get into guiding now. Looking for an EQ3-2 with enhanced dual motor drives or synscan system would also consider barebones EQ3-2/EQ5 to upgrade, not minted right now can offer £150-200. Cheers Paul
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