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  1. Just found out that the Adapter is VIXEN part number #3728. If you see one...
  2. Just found out that the Adapter is VIXEN part number #3728. If you see one...
  3. Here she is... As all the other eyepieces I have are orthos, the lens on this thing looks HUGE.
  4. Hi. Seeking a 1.25inch nose piece that screws into a vintage Vixen eyepiece with 36.4mm thread. Thanks
  5. I seem to have found a vintage (old as me, I think) Vixen 40mm eyepiece. Trouble (for me) is that it was designed to screw directly to a focuser. So has a 36.4mm thread at the end instead of a 1.25 nosepiece. My search powers must be weakening, as I can't seem to find a 1.25 nosepiece with the right thread. Anyone know who I should be speaking to?
  6. Seeking Baader moon and skyglow filter. 2" and in mint condition. Thanks
  7. I use the Baader fluid when needed. So far only needed it once on just one of my eyepieces. When (clearly too often for my own good) bored; I shine my red-light torch down the tail end of my eyepieces and project through the lens onto a wall to see if any major debris is present. Not sure if I should be admitting to such behavior?! The only time I saw something that looked like a container ship stuck in the Suez Canal, I used the Baader fluid, a microfiber cloth, and a q-tip.
  8. In the app, you'll find a power 'button' to activate shutdown. But then you already knew this...
  9. Seeking a new or mint condition Tak MEF 3. Come on peeps... you know you want to help me!
  10. As someone who uses mostly small orthoscopics, I often worry about what damage would be caused to the tiny TAO if I dropped it on my patio in the dark. I'm guessing with something like that, you worry about cracking your patio slabs.
  11. Did someone say eyepieces worthy of a Takahashi?
  12. So right now I'm enjoying being able to nip out with my Tak DL and grab clear skies as they show up. Purely visual observing. I do like to document what I see, though, but using my Note 20 is becoming a right chore. So I figured out that with a bunch of adapters and extentions, I can create an easy to use set up with my camera and a Baader FfC that can mimic pretty much most the fov's I get with my eyepieces. And it would be a simple twist of the lock to drop the prism etc out and pop the T2 FfC and camera in. This saves me the hassle of laptops, cables, etc required for a full astrophoto
  13. Love the book and the posters. Not sure how I feel about the scope or that tripod; I can only imagine the vibrations that pair create.
  14. Hi. Looking for one of Baader's T2 Flatfield Converter 3-to-8x barlow units. Must be in mint condition. Thanks.
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