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  1. This is my easy method to help anyone that find the objects and then struggle to frame it with the camera, specially small sensors cameras. With my technique, with any additional tool you will have strongly reduced the time between finding the object and push the record button on your laptop. Worth to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQrkd-3k2nY
  2. It was a good night and i choose this Snowball nebula (NGC 7662) which i think it also has to be with this winter season. A beautiful planetary nebula that i like to observe and with the camera we can see even more detail and color. The sharpcap action is just the basic but you can see the eq platform action which was good even with a 488x488 frame. Also how to find the object in Skysafari Pro 6. I would like to enhance the "finder adjustment trick" i use to find the object with the camera, which has a very small sensor and a 2x barlow attached making hard to fra
  3. Made tonight, live action with this eq platform hunting Uranus https://www.youtube....h?v=w8DyRNK8UMo
  4. Made tonight, live action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8DyRNK8UMo
  5. For the beginners buying first telescope and for owners of small refractors my Celestron Powerseeker 70AZ full review with cool improvements to have loads of fun with this budget telescope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfsXvTTlsf8
  6. PRICE : 80€ with FREE SHIPPING for Europe and UK with tracking number. The focuser has 1,5 month of use. Very good condition. 1.25"/2" adapter and the 4 standard screws needed to attach the focuser are not included. Brand: GSO Model: Crayford Focuser I'm selling it because i've upgraded to an expensive one, a low profile double speed. I have this on ebay on "buy it now" so if someone interested and meanwhile someone on ebay buy it i have to cancel here. I'm fast reading messages so it's highly probable that doesn't happen. The price on ebay i
  7. nice report. i never saw the Magellanic Clouds should be amazing. The Perseus double cluster i see a lot because it's like the Orion Nebula, never fails. cheers
  8. This is not a regular method that use a concenter then use a laser like 2 independent tools. This is a method that use a concenter secundary collimation and then you MANUALLY ADJUST a laser dot at the primary mirror TO THE CONCENTER JOB in order to obtain the full collimation as a hole. It's a concenter and laser INTERACTION that allow a cheap laser to be used with an accuracy it doesn't have by itself alone because it relies on the concenter accuracy.
  9. Video of my method to proper collimate my 12" GSO. It contains a review of the concenter ray since i use it with a laser. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9bAKN_0l3s
  10. Thanks. I saw a group and asked to join to see how it is. For what i see was not released yet. I like strong platforms so may be interesting. I'm done with light and cheap ones, isn't worth it. That one says until 100kg so it has to be robust.
  11. I've made a video review of my new eq platform: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NipBy6E63c&t
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