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  1. This is just........amazing. How was this captured and processed?
  2. Taken with a zenithstar 61 and Canon 600d DSLR, 50 light frames at 30 second exposures iso 800 city centre location. 30 dark frames no flats or light pollution filter. This is my first ever image that I have ever stacked and taken in astrophotography. Stacked in deep sky stacker and processed in photoshop. Forgot to crop the edges before uploading. Mount was an EQM 35 pro.
  3. Hi thanks for the reply yes it has a dew shield built in and i am using a dew heater around it. As the dew shield was extended i couldn't really see any dew on the glass i was outside some time and it was very cold. I have not been able to take a single set of frames yet that once stacked don't have a central glow meaning i soon as i bring out details in the galaxy my image is ruined as it comes out in the centre. I might play around with the field flattenner the problem is on a single shot it doesnt show so i only know once they are stacked and i start to process the image!
  4. Thanks will see if anyone else suggests anything. I'm worried it is a problem with the scope or if it is just a problem with the camera sensor. Would adjusting my adjustable field flattener help do you think?
  5. The bottom image was taken without flats. It is less prominent but is still there.
  6. Hi all you will see on my images below, particularly in the picture of m81...i appear to have a glow that is the same as the ligh captured in the galaxies. As a result when i am editing on photoshop the more i bring out the galaxies the more i bring out this central glow! I am imgaing with a light pollution filter with a zenithstar 61 and a canon dslr. I have imaged on nights when the moon is out but can anyone help me here? How do i avoid this in the future either via my setup or my processing? This is ruining my photos and my drive for me to take anymore as when i try and bring out detail t
  7. Hi i am looking for a setup for AP only as i have a 12 inch dob that i use for observing which is also a reason as to why i want a lightweight setup for AP as getting the massive Dob out each night can be a pain haha. I have not yet made the purchase but i was considering saving a little more for the EQM 35 Pro mount as this offers bigger capacity for a larger scope and allows for a lightweight setup so therefore i future proof myself and also have a relatively light weight set up. I was also going to but the z61 for the sky trackers but if i go for the EQM 35 pro mount I'm thinking i will buy
  8. Hi All, i am looking for my first astrophotography rig and i have limited it down to the two trackers. I know these can only take a limited payload and are there not good value for money in terms of upgrading to a bigger telescope later. But, i really want something portable, quick, and easy to get started. I currently have a 12 inch dob so i really want at least something other than my binoculars that is much easier to get outside quickly when the clouds break. I will also be buying the z61 william optics telescope (yet to buy) as i feel this is a good scope for these type of mou
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