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  1. For my second attempt, I decided to try a modified Hubble Palette version with natural colour stars. As before, SiriL was used to stretch the data and Starnet++ to remove stars and create a star mask. The starless images were combined in Photoshop and mapped as SHO. The overly green image was adjusted in levels and selective colours to the classic look of the Hubble Palette. Finally I did a slight reduction on the stars, before adding them back to the final image.
  2. I decided to create a synthetic RGB image, mapped as HSO with a Ha luminance layer. I used SiriL to stretch the image and calibrate the natural star colours, followed by Starnet++ to remove the stars and create a star mask. Finally the image was brought into Photoshop, for noise removal and sharpening. This did not require much, as the data is virtually noise free! After colour balancing and adding the luminosity layer, the stars were added back for the final image. A big thank you to FLO and IKI for letting us play with your data!
  3. Thanks Chris! I had fun imaging this until the clouds rolled in! Tony.
  4. Thanks MarkAR! This is a first for me. I'd like to get more exposure time on it as I think it extends out much further.
  5. This beautiful spiral galaxy is in the constellation of Cepheus, about 22 million light years away. I was hoping to get more exposure time, but it clouded over around midnight last night. 18 x 300s with darks, flats and dark flats. Total 90 minutes. Taken with the C11 at 1700mm, ASI294MC-Pro (gain 126, temp -12C) and Optolong L-Pro filter. Stacked with DSS, calibrated and stretched in SiriL, star mask created with Starnet++ and final processing in Photoshop CS6.
  6. Thanks Martyn, much appreciated! Tony.
  7. Mars taken early Monday morning. Conditions were terrible with a high haze, but with careful processing I was pleased to get this image showing the three Tharsis shield volcanoes and the giant volcano of Mount Olympus. Hope we get some better seeing before Mars reaches opposition in October! C11 at 7000mm, ASI120MC-S, Best 150 of 28000 frames (extremely lucky imaging!) Videos captured with ASICap, processed with PIPP, Autostakkert and Registax. De-rotated in WinJupos, with final processing in Photoshop.
  8. Thank you! I've just saved a copy for future reference. Tony.
  9. Thanks Martyn! I'm really chuffed with the result! Tony.
  10. Not sure how accurate the colour is. I've gone with what came off the camera and not saturated it much. Need to find a map of Mars to identify some of the features. Really hoping to try this again with better conditions! Tony.
  11. Thanks! I thought it was just sun glare. There is a faint pinkish patch around the 8 o' clock position which shows on several frames. Not sure what it is though.
  12. Thank you! I took this through high cloud, and was amazed how much detail came out. Lots of processing to get it to this stage though! Fingers crossed for some nice weather!
  13. My first attempt at Mars. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, despite being taken in poor conditions! Celestron C11 at f25 (7000mm). ASI120MC-S camera, 20ms exposures at 30 gain taken with ASIStudio ASICap. Best 100 out of 18000 frames, de-rotated with WinJupos. RGB channels were processed separately with Autostakkert and Registax, with final processing in Photoshop.
  14. Thanks for the info. That's the same adaptor I've got on order with FLO. Just got to wait 2 weeks for it to arrive! I think the 5mm ring is for the smaller cameras like the ASI120, which I may also use as a guidescope. Clear skies! Tony.
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