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  1. I think compared to a dedicated astro camera costing well over £1,000 this is a bargain. I have been using an unmodified 550D for well over a year with my SCT. It's a nice camera, takes a fair bit of abuse, being left outside in freezing damp conditions and is easily controlled using APT. All of the pictures in my telescopius album were taken with this camera. Hope this helps!
  2. Thanks Martin. No, I did not use any noise reduction. I try to keep my images as natural looking as possible, although I may have slightly overdone the saturation, increasing the colour noise. It's hard to know when to stop!
  3. Nice sharp image. I think the 3x Barlow on its own, gives the best detail and contrast.
  4. Thanks Olly! I may have another go at this later in the year, if the clouds let me!
  5. This beautiful trio of galaxies is just outside the field of view of my SCT, so I decided to try a 2 part mosaic. This was taken in March and April last year. I have processed it several times and this is the best version so far. Stacked and stretched in Siril, mosaic joined together in Photoshop and star mask subtracted using Starnet++. 45 x 240s lights, 24 darks, 50 flats, 25 bias. Total exposure time: 3 hours.
  6. Thanks Martin! Definitely a labour of love! I have been planning this image since October, but due to the weather it was not possible until now. I very nearly did not process it, as I thought I didn't have enough data!
  7. Taman


    Nice image! Noise is well controlled and the stars are round, so you should be able to do a reasonable crop.
  8. This is the most ambitious image I've attempted so far. A six pane mosaic taken with my SCT. It is really a work in progress as I intend to add more exposure time to it. It may take a while! So far I have 32 mins per pane, with a total exposure time of 3 hours 12 mins. 48 x 240s lights, 12 darks, 25 Flats, 25 Bias. There is a trace of a dust lane in M110, which will hopefully improve as more lights are stacked.
  9. Thanks Adrian, blame Siril!
  10. Thanks Ruud! This is certainly worth getting more light time.
  11. The funny thing is, if I stack it in DSS, it comes out the "correct" way around. This was stacked with Siril, which seems to invert the image.
  12. Hi Mick, welcome to SGL and thanks for sharing the beautiful images!
  13. I managed to get this, before everything iced up at 01:00 last night! It was -2c. Orion was very low in the sky when I finished, and I only had time for 15 x 7 minute exposures. The image is a bit noisy as a result. I have cropped it slightly to reduce the glare from the bright star Alnitak. 15 x 420s lights, 12 darks, 25 flats, 25 Bias. Total exposure time 1h 45m. Just added a corrected version!
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