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  1. That's a lot of info to work with, thank you so much everyone. I have the 28mm eyepiece that came with it, a cheap 12.5mm and x2 Barlow too. As mentioned viewing will only really be to show other people, all my time will really be on improving my photography, all being well anyway. Thanks again for the advice.
  2. I was wondering if anyone could help with a list of objects to view with a 200pds? It's mainly for photography but when people show interest in what's going off are there any objects that would be ideal in showing them?
  3. Ah sadly not Dave, had a nightmare and took the wrong cable so I couldn't do any star trails sadly. Running the camera would've been a bonus to be out with the scope so not all was lost.
  4. I'm definitely out tonight for a few hours so watch this space. Thanks for the tips.
  5. That is great, agree on the reflection too. Might take my camera out tomorrow and get some star trails. Thanks for the inspiration.
  6. Yes it would help with a location, I've the HEQ5 Pro version & tripod + battery pack, WiFi adapter and tablet for sale for £600 based in Yorkshire.
  7. Thanks for the light pollution map and gostargazing sites, I'll have a look around and see where I can find. Will also ask up at WYAS next time I'm up there. Am just a bit weary of finding a random car park out in the sticks for if it is frequented by other hobbyists late at night!
  8. So when it is clear I have to go out with my scope as the garden view is blocked on all sides. Just wondered where people in similar situations headed for? Are there any specific places around Pontefract of any use?
  9. Had a visit to WYAS a couple of Tuesdays ago, can highly recommend it too, we loved it and can't believe it was the first time as I'm only in Ferrybridge. I don't often have much free time on an evening but will get back as and when time does allow.
  10. Welcome Dave, can't ever have enough of us lucky folk from West Yorkshire.
  11. I've little experience of non eq mounted photography but can recommend getting a scope on an eq mount, as soon as you've sussed out polar aligning you're away. Computerised goto, especially from the phone or tablet makes it so easy. Downside there is a cost (£600 with power supply etc) but the best money I ever spent.
  12. Finally had 10 mins to try my new setup the other night, it was more a test for focusing my dslr but did capture this at the same time. First of many images to come all being well and hopefully they'll improve and get clearer too!
  13. Quick update, Making Every Photon Count arrived today from the proud sponsors of here, so a bit of bedtime reading for the next few nights. Thanks again for the info and advice, really learning a lot on here. It is very much appreciated. The orion nebula photo is amazing too Olly.
  14. Ah so like shooting bracketed photos to merge afterwards, how do you work out exposure times when working to 30 minutes etc? I'm gonna need to buy that book for sure!
  15. You lost me with the numbers haha but fraction of a pixel sounds impressive. And when the time may come to do delve into this, I've a orion 80mm scope I could use? Old laptop laying about, so would just need to buy a guide camera?
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