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  1. Good to see many working with the combination, I'll get one ordered. Thanks for your replies.
  2. Can't remember exactly where, I've read and watched so much but mainly see it used with a dedicated camera. What I recall was a dslr would struggle focusing and framing with the filter. Hence my wanting to hear from people who have actually used the combination out in the field. Good to know it's workable.
  3. Hi, I've seen many references to such filters aren't suited to a dslr but have recently seen one or two people using them. What are the general opinions here? Anyone using them together? If I were to get one, the filter would be an addition to my setup too for when I move to a dedicated camera.
  4. Using the original version with a 550d here. Simplifies everything, best purchase I ever made. I power my camera and everything else (except the mount) via a pocket powerbox.
  5. How much would postage be please? Is it just the one memory card? There's not one in the asiair as well?
  6. That's a brilliant write up and can relate to so much of it. I started out using a polemaster and their software to polar align then APT to plate solve and capture images. Phd to guide. All connected by a USB hub with long cables to the laptop so I can sit in the car and keep somewhat warmer. I then sold the polemaster and used Sharpcap to polar align. I now use an old ASIair and a ipad, no cables running from the scope is a joy but the simplicity of the asiair to align, navigate, auto focus and capture images is so much easier than anything else I've tried. Always taking my
  7. Good to hear all sorted in the end. Shame you've got to battle for a resolution when it is something that can obviously be done in shop. I know demand is high at the moment but surely a good quality check before dispatch is a benefit to all parties. Fingers crossed for some clear skies soon to use your new scope, enjoy.
  8. Very nice, I think I prefer the first version actually.
  9. SkyWatcher Esprit 100 on a Neq6 mount. AsiAir original, Pocket Powerbox, EAF focuser, Modded Canon 550D. Not pictured- SkyWatcher 9x50 finder with Zwo 224MC, 17ah power tank and iPad to control it all.
  10. Sounds identical to my issue and pretty much the same excuse, wonder if it's the same place? Send it back and wait for a good one. That looks even worse than mine did too, and of course order from @FLO cos I'd put money on a good one arriving when they do have stock.
  11. Welcome Gary, always surprises me when someone so local pops up on here. I'm in Ferrybridge but believe there's a good few other members in and around Pontefract. Bad news for you is you'll get the same rubbish weather I seem to attract haha
  12. Sorry, I should've been clearer. I didn't know if there was a focal length maximum that would successfully plate solve. I plate solve at the moment at 550mm. Plate solving at 2800mm for instance seems quite a jump although yes it is doing the same process just in a smaller field of view.
  13. Is it possible to plate solve at any focal length? Thanks in advance, Rich.
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