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  1. Quick update, Making Every Photon Count arrived today from the proud sponsors of here, so a bit of bedtime reading for the next few nights. Thanks again for the info and advice, really learning a lot on here. It is very much appreciated. The orion nebula photo is amazing too Olly.
  2. Ah so like shooting bracketed photos to merge afterwards, how do you work out exposure times when working to 30 minutes etc? I'm gonna need to buy that book for sure!
  3. You lost me with the numbers haha but fraction of a pixel sounds impressive. And when the time may come to do delve into this, I've a orion 80mm scope I could use? Old laptop laying about, so would just need to buy a guide camera?
  4. Ah I see, and is field rotation where the framing of your shot would basically rotate due to not being alone right? Am I right thinking the brighter objects M31, M42, etc would need less guiding as exposure times won't be as long yes? Thanks too for the responses.
  5. From looking around the forum I gather autoguiding is very popular and bordering on essential for DSO photography but I'm wondering how does it work? Am I right thinking you point it at your chosen subject and it adjusts to any movement from that subject? If that is the case, does a perfect polar alignment matter or will the autoguiding adjust for that too? Forgive me too if this is a daft thread as it's all new to me!
  6. Yes it will mainly be astrophotography, I've heard the book mentioned a few times so will grab a copy of that and watch the YouTube link over the weekend. Many thanks for the responses.
  7. So I've got my scope and mount sorted, along with a t ring and adapter. Now I'm waiting for the time to get out and use them but where should I kick off? The moon seems an obvious target to begin with, any other ideas for a novice? Also any thing else that would help me to start with? Or stuff to read up on while the weather isn't great? Ta, Rich.
  8. You might be in for a long wait for anything of quality haha
  9. Thanks again everyone, such a friendly place.
  10. I'm just starting out so I don't know much, but I do know that if years down the line I could produce something like that I would be chuffed to bits.
  11. Thanks everyone, a very warm welcome indeed. Had a quick look around the forum and gallery and feel a good bit of time will be spent in here. Some amazing photos to inspire.
  12. Hi everyone, Having just purchased a Skywatcher 200pds to get stuck into some dslr astrophotography, I thought it best to sign up and be inspired and pick up any tips from people with much more knowledge than I have. Look forward to reading and posting when time and clear skies allow. Rich.
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