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  1. I'm not sure what they are to be honest. I also get a lot of light from the power station. That's a much more white light than the street lights. Essentially I think I need to move house haha
  2. Hi, I'm thinking I could benefit from using a filter but no idea where to start? I'm using a Canon 550d that's had the filter removal mod. Bortle 6 skies where I am although my garden is hampered by a street light. Shooting deep sky objects. Any recommendations?
  3. New scope arrived from @FLO and in great condition as in pic. Can't wait for the skies to clear and get out with it. Many thanks to Steve and everyone else at FLO for helping out
  4. So in full this was pretty much my experience start to finish- I'd been thinking of either upgrading my scope or upgrading the rest of my setup with a cheaper scope (Evostar 80ed). Then around a fortnight ago I got a message from Rother Valley Optics saying that they "have free stock available" of the Esprit 100ed, so i dropped all other plans and placed an order and went to collect the scope in person. Upon collecting the scope I was informed at the time that it had been checked over and all was OK, I couldn't wait to get home and open a brand spanking new scope. When I did get it back and opened it up, I was surprised to see a little marking to the flight case first. This didn't worry me too much and carried on unboxing everything. After removing the scope from the plastic cover and paper wrapping it looked fantastic right upto removing the lens cover. In a naturally lit living room around lunchtime it was obvious straight away that there was quite a substantial amount of dust affecting it. After getting my rocket blower from my camera bag I soon realised that it was an internal issue. The same evening I emailed RVO to mention this and my disappointment of it to be told me "We checked this scope and it’s normal to have these small particles. You will not got one that is particle free. The OTA was checked by us and it passed our standards.". So I sat on it for a few days looking online to see if it was an issue. I have a Canon 400mm f2.8 lense that is roughly 20 years old and know that dust isn't necessarily an issue when imaging but being brand new and more than £1500 it just didn't feel right. I then places this thread on here and also a Facebook post on the WYAS page where pretty much every single person suggested that is was unacceptable for a brand new scope. So I contacted RVO again and was told if I return it to themselves they would refund me (which I knew I had the right to) and again that I would "never get a refractor telescope that is completely free of dust particles". So today I returned the scope to RVO in person so I knew it got there OK and my refund could be processed as soon as possible as there is a possibility of maybe getting one from FLO shortly all being well. The took my details and had me drop the box off in the shop and I was told a refund would be processed shortly. Confirmation came through around an hour ago, less than 3 hours after dropping it off. Never have I received an apology regarding this, although as they checked it and deemed it OK I'm not sure why I might've expected one. This matter has now been dealt with and the refund is processing so onwards and upwards. This is just my own opinion of this situation and have previously been a big fan of RVO. I'd also like to think this as a one off experience but I would now be reluctant to purchase another expensive piece of kit from them. I know they get a lot of bad press for their online stock levels but calling them when ordering I've always been met with helpful and knowledgeable advice and the ability to collect in person is convenient. Finally, a thank you to everyone who replied and messaged with advice and opinions on this matter. It really did help a lot confirm my own thoughts that standards should be higher. Rich.
  5. I will be giving a full opinion of my experience when it is over yes. It will just be my opinion and could be a one off though. Before now too, I have been very supportive of the retailer which makes this experience all the more disappointing to be honest.
  6. I best get this one back quickly and hope its processed quickly. Could a deposit be left and remainder paid when the refund has cleared maybe?
  7. Update from retailer, they'll refund if I return it to them and reaffirming that I'll "never get a refractor telescope that is completely free of dust particles". (Which I do understand but the level of what's acceptable obviously varies.) Scope will be going back shortly for refund then and will look to buy elsewhere. Any chance you can sort me one out then @FLO (also with a flattener and test)?
  8. I don't get the impression it's been ex display nor suspect the retailer would do that. Looks new, just the dust within the optics. I'll have another word with the retailer and see what they say, I'll make my point that I won't be keeping this scope whatever the outcome. Appreciate the advice and support, glad it's just not me being too picky and being convinced to accept it.
  9. Could I be cheeky and ask what your response would be with the situation? Also for future reference, when are you getting stock in again???
  10. Oh sorry, no. Definitely not one of yours. I've spoken a few times with yourselves recently and been very impressed with the help and advice given. Currently have an order with you for some accessories but sadly you were all out of stock on this item.
  11. I would have if FLO had stock of it, I've heard Oct or even Jan from some suppliers so it was more a first available got the money (regrettably).
  12. I contacted the retailer who told me "We checked this scope and it’s normal to have these small particles. You will not got one that is particle free. The OTA was checked by us and it passed our standards."
  13. To be honest, if it had been a few hundred quid evostar 80ed I'd be surprised but at 4 times the amount I was shocked taking it out the box.
  14. This is my worry at the moment, is it something skywatcher could sort out? Or do I think about returning it to the retailer in my 14 days of purchase? Ideally a swapped scope alone would suffice as all else is good and I've spent time to set the finder and rings up to suit my setup.
  15. I'll try and take a look, my plan is to seal it with the flattener to prevent any dust entering the scope going forward. I'll try and get it outside to test, although it has been optically tested by the retailer prior to dispatch. I'm also not sure if I'll have time to get outside with it before my 14 days are up to return it to the shop if that's what I do.
  16. No, there wasn't any stock at FLO. Nor many places really, did drop on this one at another known retailer though.
  17. Hi, I've just got my new Esprit 100 only to find what seems to be quite a bit of dust/particles within the optics. Seems to be behind the front element? I've spoken to the retailer and am advised it's an issue with all of them due to the manufacturing process. I've also messaged skywatcher themselves for their take on it but while awaiting a response I thought I'd see what the opinion was of other owners. I get that it could be common given the process involved in making it but for what is a fair old priced bit of kit I wouldn't expect it, especially to the extent it is too. So what are peoples thoughts? Any comment or opinion greatly appreciated. Rich.
  18. That would be very nice, I'll put it to him and see what he says! Budget I'm unsure of at the moment, more sourcing ideas and present them and let my Father decide, so a covering of everything really. Some nice ideas here, everyday items that always come in handy, dedicated machine to process everything, to fingers crossed anything with Takahashi wrote on it. Although I might get a t-shirt if I phrased it like that haha I very much like the idea of a memorable trip away, that would be a great idea. A moment in time to remember. Thank you for suggesting that. That would be right up his street being a Yorkshireman with the most lost or conveniently timed misplaced wallet in the world!!! Thank you for the input everyone, I will feed these ideas back to my Dad and leave the decision to him. Much appreciated.
  19. I can see how a filter wheel and filters would be a long term investment but how about the camera? How quickly does technology advance regarding these? I know there's always an argument that if it does a job now it always will but it is nice to keep up with new technology. Most of my general photography equipment I run a generation or two behind which seems to keep me progressing with equipment at a fair cost.
  20. Hi, I'm after some advice please, my Dad is on about buying a memorable birthday present (not that I'd admit to reaching any milestone nor getting old!), as we share an interest in astronomy it feels an investment into this field would be something that would get used on something we both love and always be a fond memory. My question is being into astrophotography (although still learning it will be a consistent passion along with my other photography), what piece of equipment would be a good idea for a present that would be a long term item among my setup? I currently have a NEQ6 with a 200PDS, imaging with my dslr. All ideas are welcome regardless of budget. Cheers, Rich.
  21. That's a lot of info to work with, thank you so much everyone. I have the 28mm eyepiece that came with it, a cheap 12.5mm and x2 Barlow too. As mentioned viewing will only really be to show other people, all my time will really be on improving my photography, all being well anyway. Thanks again for the advice.
  22. I was wondering if anyone could help with a list of objects to view with a 200pds? It's mainly for photography but when people show interest in what's going off are there any objects that would be ideal in showing them?
  23. Ah sadly not Dave, had a nightmare and took the wrong cable so I couldn't do any star trails sadly. Running the camera would've been a bonus to be out with the scope so not all was lost.
  24. I'm definitely out tonight for a few hours so watch this space. Thanks for the tips.
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