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  1. Thanks a lot I dissembled the eyepiece barrel bit and indeed the ITF is rusty, which could be the reason. I'll look to buy a replacement filter then..
  2. I have had an opportunity to own a double stack PST. I took the scope out with a 12.5mm eyepiece, and without the double stack module I'm able to get a reasonable view of the whole disk with some prominence. I then threaded on the double stack module at the front of the scope, immediately in the eyepiece the solar disk becomes very very dim and I'm having troubles to view the sun clearly, let alone distinguishing the surface details. I understand the double stack module reduced bandwidth but I'm not sure if the image is supposed to be dimmed by so much that it affected the viewing. Is it
  3. Thank you that looks great I'll get one of these as well.
  4. Looking for a L bracket dovetail, anyone has one available please let me know.
  5. Good condition, complete with power lead, usb cable and a number of adapters. Fully working. Asking £425+postage.
  6. I'm selling an Atik 314L+ cooled mono CCD camera, including some adapters, and necessary power and communication cables. There are some used marks on the camera body but generally in good condition. The chip is in very good condition. Asking £425 + postage.
  7. I was observing the sun yesterday (Sunday) with my Lunt 60mm and a 9mm eyepiece. In the eyepiece I was focused on the edge to try to see some details in prominences. At about between 10.30 to 11.30am ish I noticed a very small black dot moving across in my field of view in eyepiece. It was about 3-4s between it entering and leaving my view. Initially I thought I was just a fly or ISS (thought I was lucky!) flying across the view, but then in the evening I was thinking if it were a fly the shape can't be a dot/disk and the dot was in focus too. I'm not sure what could that be that I saw? Unfort
  8. I think only JMI makes motor focuser for skymax 127 or alike
  9. Looking for a ZWO tilt adjuster with T2 (M42) thread, or similar products! Thank you.
  10. Only need one, but will buy two if in pair.
  11. Hello I came across an erecting prism with seemingly good build quality, can anyone help with identifying its brand? Thank you.
  12. LPR and ultra block filters are still available
  13. Hi I have some filters that I no longer use. More photos are available, and prices include first class delivery. Skywatcher OIII filter £25 SOLD Celestron LPR filter vintage £30 Orion ultra block narrowband filter £70 Star analyser 100 £75 SOLD Seben CLR light pollution filter £15 SOLD Thank you.
  14. My Bresser AR127L has a broken focuser as I've realized recently. When I took the knob part of the R&P focuser for examination I found that the worm gear was badly worn out, and the focuser knob shaft was bent already. I'm wondering if anyone's got experience with replacing the worm gear part? I'm trying to contact Bresser as well to see if they are able to provide/sell any replacement parts. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi all thanks for all the replies. As I played around it, I found that the top silver screw in first pic is for tension and bottom is for locking. I had to tighten the tension screw really really hard to the focuser knobs can drive the tube. I disamble the focuser and found the mechanism opposite to the knobs has a ball bearing missing. I suppose this is the issue so I ordered some replacement bearings.
  16. Hi everyone, I recently acquired a TAL 100RS, the optics are in great condition, however there is one issue - the focuser doesn't work. Basically when I rotate the focuser knob the focuser tube is not moving at all, and if I loosen the focuser locking screws I can just spin the knobs freely. I pulled out the tube, and I think the focuser is missing a part but I'm not sure which and not sure how to repair it. Can anyone advise? Thanks in advance.
  17. I'm looking to buy some second hand SX USB filter wheel accessories: - M42/T male adapter - M48 female adapter - 7x1.25" carousel I can also trade if you want the following: - M56 male adapter - M56 female adapter - 5x50mm unmounted carousel Thank you.
  18. Looking for a bahtinov mask for 8" SCT!
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